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GenElute Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit - 0.45 μm

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General description

Sigma′s GenElute Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit - 0.45 μm provides a convenient and rapid method for the detection of microorganisms from environmental water samples. The kit allows for the rapid isolation and purification of total RNA and DNA simultaneously from the microorganisms found in small and large samples of water. The total RNA and DNA (including genomic DNA) are isolated from all the microorganisms found in the water, including bacteria, fungi and algae without the use of any inhibitory organic substances. The water sample is first passed through a 0.45 μm filter, and the microorganisms present in the water are captured. Both the RNA and DNA are then column purified in under 45 minutes using a single column. The purified RNA and DNA are highly concentrated, and can be used directly in a number of downstream applications including real time PCR, reverse transcription PCR, Northern blotting, Southern blotting and sequencing reactions.

  • Isolate total DNA and RNA from all microorganisms found in water, including bacteria, fungi and algae
  • RNA and DNA are both column purified simultaneously using the same column
  • Elution contains concentrated DNA and RNA without the need for further precipitation
  • Complete RNA (including microRNA) without phenol
  • Isolated RNA and DNA are of high quality and integrity for all downstream applications


  • Quantitative, real-time PCR
  • Quantitative, real-time RT-PCR
  • Conventional PCR
  • Reverse transcription PCR
  • Northern blotting
  • Southern blotting
  • Sequencing
  • miRNA array
  • RNA-Seq
  • Nanostring
  • Fluidigm
  • Droplet/Digital PCR

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid isolation of DNA/RNA from microorganisms in non-turbid water samples –Only three buffers are required to complete isolation of total DNA and RNA from all microorganisms found in water, including bacteria, fungi and algae.
  • Complete column purification - The RNA and DNA are both column purified simultaneously using the same column.
  • Fast and easy processing - Rapid spin column format allows for the isolation of both RNA and DNA in under 45 minutes.
  • Isolate highly concentrated RNA and DNA - The purified RNA and DNA is eluted in low volumes, allowing for the direct use of the nucleic acid in downstream applications
  • Isolate a diversity of RNA species - All sizes of RNA are isolated, from large mRNA down to microRNA, without the use of phenol or chloroform

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We are committed to bringing you Greener Alternative Products, which adhere to one or more of The 12 Principles of Greener Chemistry. This product has Inherently Safer Chemistry, compared to the standard use of phenol and chloroform to perform DNA extractions.

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Aquatic Acute 1 - Aquatic Chronic 1 - Eye Dam. 1

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10 - Combustible liquids

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