LPLC Media & Accessories

LPLC packed columns with different media for specific chromatography applications.

In low pressure liquid chromatography (LPLC), the mobile phase is forced through the column due to pumps (often peristaltic) operating at low pressures. 

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Inorganic adsorbents

A column is filled with the packing material of choice based on the LPLC application. For a great variety of purification applications, we present a complete line of inorganic adsorbents such as bare silica, bonded silica (C18, C8, aminopropyl, chloropropyl, etc.), Lipid Removal Agent (LRA®), Florisil® magnesium silicate, activated alumina, and Celite® adsorbent. Carbon-based adsorbents like Carboxen™ adsorbents and carbon molecular sieves (CMS) are offered to suit your requirement. Inorganic adsorbents are commonly utilized for purification and isolation of smaller molecular weight compounds.

Resin adsorbents

Resins are most suitable for research-scale separation, purification, and isolation applications. Choose from a vast array of resins from leading manufacturers like DuPont Chemical, Rohm & Haas, Mitsubishi, and Lanxess or consider custom media processing and packaging services of in-stock resins to serve unique application requirements.

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange resin beads are highly ionic, covalently cross-linked, and insoluble polyelectrolytes. These beads are available in two forms, gel resins (microporous resins) with no discrete pores or with a porous structure (macroporous or macroreticular resins). The ion exchange resins can exclude all the ions as their design contains two types of ions: ions that are embedded within the matrix or as free, oppositely charged counter ions. Choose from a comprehensive range of resins including mixed bed ion exchange media, chelating ion exchange media, Amberlite® nuclear ion exchange media, and Sephadex® ion exchange media, among others.


The Omnifit® portfolio includes a complete range of accessories like columns, caps, cones, fittings, tubings, variable core connectors, and adaptors. You can also choose from a wide variety of high-quality columns including glass chromatography columns, disposable columns, gravity columns, & accessories, flash columns & components, and ACE columns.

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