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pH Test Strips, pH Papers, Readers & Accessories

The pH value plays an important role in biochemistry, chemistry and technology as it affects numerous chemical processes. The results of many analytical methods are also influenced by the pH of the solvent or buffer. We offer a wide range of products for rapid pH measurements with different methods of operation such as pH indicator papers, pH test strips, and pH test kits.   

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A series of plastic containers with pH indicator strips, arranged in a row. Each container has a label displaying different pH ranges and corresponding color charts for pH testing, with some featuring graphs or additional scientific data. The packaging is primarily green and orange with white text, and each box is designed to dispense the strips for easy access.

Non-bleeding pH-test strips

Non-bleeding MQuant® pH-indicator strips are made of special indicator dyes that are covalently bound to the cellulose backing. This offers the advantage of being able to leave the pH-indicator strips in the testing media for an indefinite time, which yields accurate measurements even with weakly buffered samples. The MQuant® pH-indicator strips cover different pH ranges from the universal range of 0 to 14 or more specific ranges depending on the applications. For your convenience, we provide single-sealed test strips, tubes of 100 strips as standard unit, as well as customized packaging.

Two clear plastic boxes containing pH indicator strips with a pH range from 2.0 to 9.0. Each box features a color-coded scale on their labels for quick reference. One box is open with several test strips visible in front, alongside additional information and instructions printed on the labels.

pH tests in turbid and colored solutions

MQuant® and Reflectoquant® pH test strips are utilized to measure pH in colored and/or cloudy solutions, where conventional pH-indicator strips can lead to falsified results. In these strips, the pH reaction zone is backed by a transparent carrier film, allowing users to simply evaluate the color from the back side. Particles from turbid samples and coloring substances stay on the surface of the test pad and don’t interfere with the reading of the result. The pH test strips are specially designed to deliver reliable results in turbid or colored sample solutions without additional sample preparation.

A person's hands holding a color chart card in one hand and a smartphone in the other. The smartphone screen displays a digital version of the same color chart, aligning the physical and digital formats for comparison or analysis. The background is white, emphasizing the items being held.

pH Test Readers

Measure pH with our free MQuant® StripScan mobile app, that digitally reads out the MQuant® pH test strip 0-14 in seconds. The app analyzes the test strip using the phone camera along with a color reference card. The results generated can be effortlessly managed, visualized and shared with the StripScan Web dashboard application.

Additionally, we provide test strips with batch-specific calibration that can be used with our portable, easy-to-use Reflectoquant® RQflex®20 reflectometer for your laboratory quantitative pH measurement.

Three containers of pH indicator paper strips, each with a color-coded pH range chart on the lids. The containers are cylindrical, with one lying horizontally and two stacked vertically, all shown against a white background. Each container also has a small piece of tape in various colors to presumably mark different pH ranges.

pH Test Papers & Kits

We have a range of classic pH-indicator papers that are made of high-quality filter paper impregnated with an indicator or mixed-indicator solutions. Browse our portfolio of various MQuant® pH-indicator papers to find the perfect product for your application.

For clear and slightly colored samples, we provide MQuant® liquid pH-indicator test kits that are well suited for measurements in drinking water, boiler water, wastewater, surface water, aquarium water, swimming-pool water, and testing soil samples. Further, in case of strongly turbid or colored solutions, the samples can be made colorless and clear by filtration or treatment with activated charcoal for pH measurement.

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