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A hand dipping a test strip into a clear glass beaker filled with water. The beaker is marked with measurements indicating 100 ml and is labeled "Made in Germany." The action suggests a chemical or quality testing process.

Test strips are a simple, effective, and low-cost analytical tool used for the rapid detection of an analyte in the field or on-site. A test strip coated with a chemical that reacts with the analyte is either dipped in the sample solution or the sample is loaded onto the test strip. The use of test strips for in-process detection is advantageous due to the ease of use and the high specificity offered by them. The results of test strips are either based on visual observation or the quantitative analysis using digital readers.    

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Three containers of test strips, each labeled for different chemical tests including an ascorbic acid test. Two of the containers are closed with labels showing color scales and instructions, and one is open with several test strips extended. Additionally, there is a small glass beaker with a yellowish solution, suggesting a setup for conducting these tests.

Test Strips in Food & Beverage Applications

Our selection of test strips for food and beverage applications includes MQuant® and Reflectoquant® test strips for visual or instrumental readout. These can be easily used anywhere and can significantly reduce the time and cost of the laboratory analysis. MQuant® test strips are used for the semiquantitative screening of glucose, lactoperoxidase in pasteurized milk, and detection of ascorbic acid and lactic acid in fruits, among others. The Reflectoquant® test strips are used in combination with the RQflex® 20 reflectometer for the easy and accurate quantitative measurement of different substances in food and beverage production as well as water testing. Reflectoquant® test strips are available to determine for instance the hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) content in honey and fruit juices, total sugar content in potatoes, and nitrate content in vegetables.

 Five cylindrical containers with diagnostic test strips, each marked with different labels indicating specific tests, such as free fatty acids and other chemical indicators. The containers are variously labeled with color codes and measurement scales, suggesting they are used for specific biochemical tests.

MQuant® Test Strips for Semiquantitative Testing

MQuant® test strips offer semiquantitative detection of more than 30 different ions, organic, and inorganic compounds in the mg/L to g/L concentration range. MQuant® test strips feature minute amounts of the reagent on an absorbent pad mounted to a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. Next to the applications in food & beverage mentioned above, MQuant® test strips can be used for different semiquantitative measurements, including:

  • Potassium content of drinking water, mineral water, industrial water, wastewater, soil samples, wine, beer, and fruit juices
  • Arsenic in water, soil extracts, pharmaceutical products, prepared biological specimens, and liquid foods
  • Nitrite in boiler and cooling water
  • Tin and tin compounds in electroplating baths, reducing agents, stabilizers, catalysts, disinfectants, fungicides, and mordants used in the textile industry
Two cylindrical containers of diagnostic test strips positioned next to a green box labeled with a yellow and green design and medical symbols. The containers have labels providing information about the test strips inside, and one container is open with a strip partially extended, suggesting readiness for use in a clinical or laboratory setting.

Reflectoquant® Test Strips and Reader for Quantitative Testing

Our Reflectoquant® series includes Reflectoquant® test strips and the RQflex® 20 instrument for on-site, direct sample analysis in food and beverage production and water testing. Reflectoquant® test strips are barcoded with batch-specific calibration to offer reliable, quantitative results in minutes. Next to the applications in food & beverage mentioned above, Reflectoquant® test strips can be used for many different quantitative measurements including:

  • Malic acid in wines
  • Formaldehyde in fish products
  • Calcium in cheese
  • Peroxide and Peracetic acid in disinfection control
A digital tablet and a smartphone displaying pH measurement and analysis applications, alongside physical pH indicator strips and color charts. The tablet screen shows detailed graphs and statistics, while the smartphone displays a pH reading of 8.5 with a user interface for pH data. The setup illustrates the integration of traditional pH testing methods with modern digital technology for comprehensive analysis.

MQuant® StripScan App for Digital Readout of MQuant® Test Strips

Our MQuant® StripScan app allows the easy readout of nitrate and pH results in seconds. The app provides effortless result analysis, management, and data sharing along with efficient visualization for easy and transparent data interpretation.

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