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Cell Culture Supplements & Reagents

Ensuring adequate cell growth relies on many culture conditions, including the correct media formulation for your cell line. To support cell growth, basal or complex media can be refined and enriched with supplements such as amino acids, vitamins, lipids, antibiotics, and serum. Our cell culture supplements and reagents are backed our superior customer service and commitment to quality.    

The image depicts the hands of a person in a laboratory setting, handling a vial over a tray filled with multiple vials.
Cell Freezing Reagents

Protect valuable cell line stocks by choosing reagents that are designed to protect cells during ultralow temperature storage. Our DMSO selection is application-tested, and ready-to-use cell freezing media are available in DMSO-free and in variable DMSO concentrations.

The image depicts a laboratory setting where a gloved hand selects one of several test tubes from a stand. Each test tube contains green plant stems immersed in a clear liquid, suggesting a botanical study or experiment.
Plant Culture Reagents

Plant tissue culture reagents, including gelling agents, plant growth regulators, auxins, cytokinins, and other supplements for supporting the growth and development of plant cells and tissues in culture.

The image presents a comparative microscopic view of cells, with the left section showing a dense cluster of small, irregularly shaped cells, and the right section displaying larger, more defined cells that are sparser in distribution.
Cell Dissociation Reagents

Enzymes like trypsin and collagenase are essential for the detachment of adherent cells and solid tissues for subculture and experiments. Recombinant trypsin, solutions containing EDTA, and non-enzymatic solutions provide stabler, gentler options for wider culture applications. 

The image depicts a Y-shaped molecular structure with clusters of molecules in vibrant shades of pink, orange, and yellow.
Albumins and Transport Proteins

Albumin is used in vitro to bind, sequester and stabilize a range of important small molecules and proteins. We provide bovine and human serum albumins and transport protein reagents for diverse applications, including cell culture, protein quantitation, and antibody-related studies.

The image is a black and white diagram showcasing a complex chemical structure. It features multiple interconnected rings and chains, with atoms such as oxygen, hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon distinctly labeled

Select hormones have growth-promoting effects on cells. Essential cell culture-grade hormone supplements include dexamethasone, erythropoietin, β-Estradiol, glucagon, hydrocortisone, insulin, progesterone, prostaglandin E1 & E2.

The image features a vibrant circular genetic code chart, segmented into various colored sections, each representing different nucleotide base combinations (A, U, G, C).
Supplements for Cell Culture

Cell culture supplements enable the customization of media with defined characteristics to support specific applications and serum-free culture needs. Our culture-grade supplements include ITS formulations, amino acids, vitamins, antibiotics, and reagents qualified for hybridoma and insect cell culture.

The image displays a clear plastic bottle with a white cap, filled with a red liquid identified as “Fetal Bovine Serum.”

Origin-certified, quality-controlled cell culture sera include FBS, other bovine sera, human serum, and sera from diverse animal species, rigorously screened for contaminants and performance-tested in culture. 

The image depicts a precise scientific procedure where a pipette is used to dispense a single drop of a clear liquid into a small, open glass container.
Human Serum

Human serum is used to culture human cells and is available as plasma-derived AB human serum, clotted whole blood AB human serum, heat inactivated preparations, and complement-depleted preparations.

The image depicts a person in a laboratory setting, engaged with advanced equipment and machinery.

FBS, or fetal bovine serum (also called FCS) is one of the most important supplements for mammalian cell culture. Choose FBS grade based on documentation requirements and application specificity. 

The image displays four amber glass bottles with white labels, each containing a chemical solution for in vitro diagnostic use, marked with ‘Rx Only’.
(Other) Sera

Although FBS is the most common serum variety used for cell culture, adult and newborn bovine serum and sera from other species are alternatives for cell culture supplementation.

The image presents a microscopic view filled with blue cells and yellow fibrous structures, all set against a purple backdrop.
Attachment Factors

Attachment factors mimicking the extracellular matrix (ECM) provide important cues to cultured cells that stimulate physiological growth and behavior. A wide array of biological and synthetic polymers can be selected to enhance cell culture conditions.

The image is a vibrant illustration of DNA replication. It shows a DNA molecule unwinding, with enzymes aiding in the separation of strands.
Amino Acids

We have a comprehensive offering of high-purity amino acids and derivatives important to metabolomic pathways and protein structure for your research needs.

The image features a cluster of purple spherical structures against a dark backdrop, illuminated from the center, creating a three-dimensional effect.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of antibiotics to prevent contamination of cell cultures through pathogens or other cell lines, for genetic marker selection and cell biology research.

The image displays a 3D molecular model with black and red spheres representing atoms, connected by rods to illustrate chemical bonds. The black spheres are smaller and likely depict carbon atoms, while the red spheres could represent oxygen atoms, suggesting an organic compound.

Our broad portfolio of highly pure carbohydrates are used widely as supplements to cell culture media and as building blocks in glycan and glycoconjugate synthesis. 

The image depicts a scientist in a laboratory setting, meticulously examining fresh vegetables under a microscope.

We offer a broad portfolio of vitamins for research in cell function, cell growth, and cell regeneration in living organisms and their role in nutrition, health, and disease.

The image is a colorful, educational diagram of a cellular process, featuring labeled molecules such as “PLCy”, “RAS”, and “RAF1”, and pathways indicating interactions and reactions within a cell.
Growth Factors and Cytokines

Cytokines and growth factors are critical cell culture media components, particularly when serum-and animal-free conditions or defined media are required. We offer hundreds of purified, recombinant growth factors and cytokines for proliferation, differentiation, angiogenesis studies, and more. 

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