Laboratory Balances

Laboratory balances are used to measure the mass of solids, liquids, and other samples. We offer a variety of balances as well as weighing boats, weighing paper, weighing bottles, and weighing funnels for your laboratory needs.

  • Analytical Balances are completely enclosed to prevent dust and air currents and can detect very small variations in mass to ensure the most accurate measurements.
  • Precision Balances are also enclosed to prevent currents during measurement but are less sensitive to small variations in mass. Precision balances typically have higher capacity compared to analytical balances.
  • Toploading Balances are not enclosed and therefore less precise than analytical and precision balances, but offer convenient, unencumbered weighing and a broader range of mass capacities.
  • Moisture Analyzers (drying balances) have both a weighing unit and a heating unit and are used to measure the moisture content in liquid and solid materials upon drying.


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