A wide range of serrated and non-serrated septa, and sleeve stoppers are available for use as temporary closures for glassware joints, tubes, bottles, NMR tubes, ampules, and cannulation techniques in air-sensitive chemistry. To protect your valuable contents in the vessels or containers from the atmosphere, our range of septa provide reliable air and moisture-tight seals.  


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Precision Seal Septa Image

Precision Seal septa

Precision Seal® septa are made from certified natural rubber formulation to provide superior resealability. Our Precision Seal® septa do not slide through the joint or pop-off during cannulation or when under pressure and can be used while working with organic solvents. The longer, tapered plug design of Precision Seal® fits standard taper joints providing a sealing surface that is 50 to 80% higher than standard sleeve stoppers. The inner seal design of Precision Seal® septa minimize chemical and solvent vapor migration up the joint to the sleeve which can swell, leak, or fail from exposure. The surface texture of the rubber is similar to a ground glass joint and resists movement once seated. Our Precision Seal® septa are manufactured under "White Room" conditions, from one certified lot to obtain absolute consistency in all sizes. 

Suba Seal Septa Image

Suba-seal septa

We supply genuine Suba-seal septa which provide the best quality turn-over closure available with serrated stopper. Our Suba-seal rubber septa are available in different dimensions, ideal for air and moisture sensitive chemistry procedures. After piercing with a non-coring needle, rubber closes the puncture, protecting the contents of vessel or container from atmosphere. We also provide Suba-seal silicone rubber septa for high heat applications (up to 200 °C continuous) with improved chemical resistance compared to natural rubber and autoclavable for sterile uses. 

Natural rubber septa (sleeve stopper)

Natural rubber septa (sleeve stopper) 

Natural rubber septa are made of low-density /BR/ennatural rubber that can be used to cover mild organic solvents and aqueous solutions. We offer /BR/ennatural rubber septa with your choice of various dimensional alternatives.

Other septa and accessories

 We offer a wide selection of septa including, Sleeve stopper septa, Pigment free septa, Serrated septa, and Precision Seal® septa caps for suitable applications.

Discover our comprehensive GC Septa product range and specialized hand tools that provide a leak-free seal to maintain carrier gas pressure inside the system and for handling repeated puncturing by a syringe needle during sample injections.

Browse septa accessories that include dispenser bins, Wrap-it tie – excellent for securing rubber septa to bottles and flask joints, and the Wrap-it tie installing tool available in heavy-duty version and economy version.

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