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Ohkuma, T. et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 117, 2675-2675 (1995)
Lee, C.W. Alper, H.
The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 60, 499-499 (1995)
Sci. Synth., 1, 113-264 (2002)
Genet, J.-P. et al.
Tetrahedron Letters, 36, 2063-2063 (1995)
Tani, K. et al.
Organic Syntheses, 67, 33-33 (1989)
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 692, 550-550 (2007)
Kim-Hung Lam et al.
European journal of medicinal chemistry, 45(11), 5527-5530 (2010-09-14)
Following our previously reported pyridinyl phosphine oxides as antitumor agents, we targeted the commercially available C(2)-axial chiral organophosphine ligand catalysts, such as 2,2'-bis(diphenylphosphino)-1,1'-binaphthyl (BINAP) 1 and 2,2',6,6'-tetramethoxy-4,4'-bis(diphenylphosphino)-3,3'-bipyridine (P-Phos) 2 as a convenient source for producing organophosphine oxides as antitumor leads.
Kurihara, Y. et al.
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 42, 2357-2357 (1994)
Tetrahedron, 50, 335-335 (1994)
Masanori Kawasaki et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128(51), 16482-16483 (2006-12-21)
This communication describes studies in which an azo hetero-Diels-Alder adduct was furnished in high regio- and enantioselectivity using azopyridine as a reagent and silver as a catalyst. The obtained hetero-Diels-Alder adduct was easily converted to the corresponding chiral 1,4-diamino alcohol.
Inoue, S.-I. et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 112, 4897-4897 (1990)
Smith, P. et al.
Synthetic Communications, 25, 1093-1093 (1995)
2,2'-bis (diphenylphosphino)-1, 1'-binaphthyl (binap): A new atropisomeric bis (triaryl) phosphine. synthesis and its use in the Rh (l)-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation of a-(acylamino) acrylic acids.
Miyashita A, et al.
Tetrahedron, 40(8), 1245-1253 (1984)
Nakcheol Jeong et al.
Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), (9), 1134-1135 (2004-04-30)
Desymmetrization of the meso dienynes, such as propargyl 1-vinylallyl N-tosylamides (1a-c) and propargyl 1-vinylallyl ethers (1d-e), by asymmetric Pauson-Khand type reaction catalysts was studied. The corresponding vinyl substituted bicyclic pentenones (2 and 3) were obtained with high diastereoselectivity and enantioselectivity.
Organic Syntheses, 71, 1-1 (1993)
R. Noyori et al.
Accounts of Chemical Research, 23, 345-345 (1990)
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