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Hepatic Lipoprotein Export and Remission of Human Type 2 Diabetes after Weight Loss.

Cell metabolism (2019-12-24)
Ahmad Al-Mrabeh, Sviatlana V Zhyzhneuskaya, Carl Peters, Alison C Barnes, Shaden Melhem, Aaron Jesuthasan, Benjamin Aribisala, Kieren G Hollingsworth, Georg Lietz, John C Mathers, Naveed Sattar, Michael E J Lean, Roy Taylor

The role of hepatic lipoprotein metabolism in diet-induced remission of type 2 diabetes is currently unclear. Here, we determined the contributions of hepatic VLDL1-triglyceride production rate and VLDL1-palmitic acid content to changes in intra-pancreatic fat and return of first phase insulin response in a subgroup of the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial. Liver fat, VLDL1-triglyceride production, and intra-pancreatic fat decreased after weight loss and remained normalized after 24 months of remission. First-phase insulin response remained increased only in those maintaining diabetes remission. Compared with those in remission at 24 months, individuals who relapsed after initial remission had a greater rise in the content of VLDL1-triglyceride and VLDL1-palmitic acid, re-accumulated intra-pancreatic fat, and lost first-phase response by 24 months. Thus, we observed temporal relationships between VLDL1-triglyceride production, hepatic palmitic acid flux, intra-pancreatic fat, and β-cell function. Weight-related disordered fat metabolism appears to drive development and reversal of type 2 diabetes.

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