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Safe Drinking Water Act & Clean Water Act – What is it?

Safe Drinking Water Act

The Safe Drinking Water Act reflects the primary drinking water regulation. Drinking water here means finished drinking water from the plant and the distribution lines. But the Safe Drinking Water Act covers also the ground water sources for raw water and the surface water sources for Raw Drinking Water.

Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act reflects the wastewater analyses. But it is not only the wastewater. The Clean Water Act covers also the Storm Water, the Surface Fresh Water like Rivers, Lakes and Streams. Also, the Marine Water with the control of the bays, the Estuaries and the Beaches are covered by the Clean Water Act too.

Documents for Safe Drinking Water and Clean Water Act

We continue to expand the portfolio of products to support the testing needs of environmental labs in the US for both Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act testing.  A major component of this expansion is the validation and reporting of the spectrophotometric test kits used for analytes of interest. This page contains all of the documentation and reporting needed by any lab to satisfy auditors of adequate quality control and product suitability.

In some cases, products were issued approval letters by the USEPA in the past.  Due to policy changes at the USEPA, approval letters are no longer provided and instead vendors and labs have to provide adequate documentation of equivalency. For those products where equivalency documentation is required, we have provided certificates of compliance, single laboratory validation and a helpful checklist for labs to comply with the guidelines established in the 2007 EPA Memo from Richard Reding.

We will continue to add and expand the product reports on this page as they become available. Please contact us if there is a specific product you would like more information on.

Approvals / Equivalency Documents

Available for the following parameters:

We are working to provide you more.

USEPA Documentation for Spectroquant® Test Kits

Ammonia (Ammonium)

* Safe Drinking Water Act uses methods in 40 CFR part 136 Clean Water Act. The Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Equivalency documents covers all pack sizes, cells and citation units mentioned in the insert sheet of the test kit.


Chromate (Chromium VI)







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