RNAi Bibliographies

Looking for current application references in the field of RNAi?
Look no further.

Listed below are many of the top research articles relevant to RNAi and Functional Genomics research. Articles include shRNA, lentiviral-based systems, delivery to various cell lines and transgenic animals, as well as reviews on siRNA. All references are linked to PubMed, where you can find complete abstract information and relevant journal information.

If you would like a particular reference added to the current bibliography, please email us. If we are able, we will add it to the list.

Basic Mechanism

High-Throughput Screening

IPTG Inducible shRNA

In Vivo Applications

In Vivo Disease Treatment

MISSION® siRNA Publications

Specific Applications

Assay Design


High Titer


General RNAi

RNAi in Neurons

RNAi in Yeast and Overview of RNAi Machinery

In Vivo siRNA

shRNA Transduction of Human Primary T Cells

Pooled shRNA Screening and Deconvolution