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Smart Data Management and Advanced Analytics with Bio4C™ ProcessPad


Bio4C™ ProcessPad is a data visualization, advanced analytics, and process monitoring platform that enables bioprocess lifecycle management, reporting, investigations, and continued process verification (CPV). Intelligently combining process data from batches, ERP, MES, LIMS, Historians, process equipment, and manual sources into a single, validated data source, Bio4C™ ProcessPad ensures data is current, complete, and contextual throughout the product lifecycle.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Next-generation bioprocessing and the BioContinuum™ Platform
  • Bio4C™ ProcessPad data management software – capabilities around CPV, reporting, and process lifecycle management
  • Statistical process control case studies - yield variability and instrument maintenance
  • Advanced analytics (outlier detection using PCA and anomaly pattern search against historical data)


Hemant Garg

Hemant Garg


Bio4C™ ProcessPad Product Manager

Hemant Garg is on a digital mission to help the biopharmaceutical industry grow and evolve in a data-driven world. Trained as a business analytics biotechnology engineer, he has 13 years of professional experience working across multiple roles within biopharma manufacturing. Hemant’s expertise in industry research, long-term forecasting, data analytics, and process modeling enables him to identify and capitalize on unmet market needs. As product manager analytics in integrated solution marketing, Hemant leads the strategy and launch of digital and analytics products for biopharmaceutical customers.

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