Potassium nitrate-15N

98 atom % 15N

15N Labeled potassium nitrite, 15N Labeled KNO3
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pureza isotópica

98 atom % 15N

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334 °C (lit.)

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Potassium nitrate-15N is an inorganic compound enriched with 15N isotope.


Labeled Potassium Nitrate has been used
• To successfully follow the uptake of fertilizer N by crops and retention of fertilizer N in soil organic matter.
• As internal standard for quantification of nitrate in biological samples, mainly of human or animal origin.
• Measurement of protein abundance in Arabidopsis.


1 g in glass bottle
250 mg in glass bottle
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Ox. Sol. 3


5.1B - Oxidizing hazardous materials

WGK Alemanha


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Guangyu Guo et al.
Phytochemistry, 72(10), 1028-1039 (2011-02-15)
In the quantitative proteomic studies, numerous in vitro and in vivo peptide labeling strategies have been successfully applied to measure differentially regulated protein and peptide abundance. These approaches have been proven to be versatile and repeatable in biological discoveries. (15)N...
Mathieu Sebilo et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110(45), 18185-18189 (2013-10-23)
Increasing diffuse nitrate loading of surface waters and groundwater has emerged as a major problem in many agricultural areas of the world, resulting in contamination of drinking water resources in aquifers as well as eutrophication of freshwaters and coastal marine...
Jie Wu et al.
Plant biotechnology journal, 19(3), 448-461 (2020-09-03)
Nitrogen (N) is one of the key essential macronutrients that affects rice growth and yield. Inorganic N fertilizers are excessively used to boost yield and generate serious collateral environmental pollution. Therefore, improving crop N use efficiency (NUE) is highly desirable...
Sebastian Schramm et al.
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 24(8) (2019-04-21)
Feeding experiments with stable isotopes are helpful tools for investigation of metabolic fluxes and biochemical pathways. For assessing nitrogen metabolism, the heavier nitrogen isotope, [15N], has been frequently used. In plants, it is usually applied in form of [15N]-nitrate, which...
Bin Hu et al.
Nature plants, 5(4), 401-413 (2019-03-27)
To ensure high crop yields in a sustainable manner, a comprehensive understanding of the control of nutrient acquisition is required. In particular, the signalling networks controlling the coordinated utilization of the two most highly demanded mineral nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus...
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Tracer techniques using isotopic N have been employed since the 1940s to investigate such topics as N transformations and cycling in agricultural and other soils, N sources for crop uptake, the fate and behavior of fertilizer N applied to soils, the nature and extent of soil and fertilizer losses, and fertilizer N uptake efficiency.
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