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Silica nanoparticles

pore size non-porous, 500 nm particle size, 5 % (w/w) in water, dispersion

Non-porous silica, Silica, Monodisperse silicon dioxide, Non-porous silicon dioxide
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5 % (w/w) in water

tamanho de partícula

500 nm

tamanho de poro


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Monodisperse nonporous silica nanoparticles find application in drug delivery and molecular imaging whereas micron sized particles are used in liquid chromatography. We offer highly monodisperse nonporous silica in aqueous solution, with sizes varying from 150 nm to 900 nm. The high monodispersity of our particles makes them suitable for aforementioned applications.

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12 - Non Combustible Liquids



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Li Tang et al.
Nano today, 8(3), 290-312 (2013-09-03)
Nanomedicine, the use of nanotechnology for biomedical applications, has potential to change the landscape of the diagnosis and therapy of many diseases. In the past several decades, the advancement in nanotechnology and material science has resulted in a large number
Martha Kim et al.
Scientific reports, 7(1), 8238-8238 (2017-08-16)
Nonporous silica nanoparticles (SiNPs) have potential as promising carriers for ophthalmic drugs. However, the in vivo safety of ocular topical SiNPs remains unclear. This study investigated the in vivo safety of oral and ocular topical applications of 100 nm-sized SiNPs in


Multidimensional Application of Nonporous Silica Nanoparticles

With the development of more monodispersed and size-controlled particles, nonporous SiNPs are now actively being investigated as promising nanocarrier systems for delivering drugs to various human tissues, and as novel materials for smart plastics

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