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Insulin, Human Recombinant

dry powder, for research or for further manufacturing use

Insulin sodium salt human, rh-Insulin
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Nível de qualidade



sterile; 0.2 μm filtered


dry powder


≥27.5 units per mg


cell culture | mammalian: suitable


≤1.0 EU/mL endotoxin


water: 10 mg/mL (pH 2.0—2.5)

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Gene Information

human ... INS(3630)

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Descrição geral

Insulin, recombinant human (rHu) is identical in function and structure to the native human sequence. A hormone consisting of two polypeptide chains, rHu Insulin′s A-chain (21 amino acids) and B-chain (30 amino acids) are covalently linked by disulfide bonds between cysteine residues. This genetically engineered human insulin is a full sequence molecule producted by recombinant DNA technology in baker′s yeast.


Serum-free medium supplements such as insulin are essential for long-term growth of commonly used mammalian cell lines. When insulin is absent from media, cell may exhibit disturbances in morphology and growth rate.
  • Recombinant Human Insulin has been used in the media for adipogenic induction of mesenchymal stem cells.
  • It has been used as a supplement in the cell culture media of airway epithelial cells.
  • It has been used in the culture media for differentiation of cells, GLUT4 (glucose transporter type 4) translocation assay and to study interaction of insulin with insulin receptor via surface plasmon resonance.

Ações bioquímicas/fisiológicas

Two-chain polypeptide hormone produced by the β-cells of pancreatic islets. Its molecular weight is ~5800 Da. The α and β chains are joined by two interchain disulfide bonds. The α chain contains an intrachain disulfide bond. Insulin regulates the cellular uptake, utilization, and storage of glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids and inhibits the breakdown of glycogen, protein, and fat.

Outras notas

InChI: 1S/C257H383N65O77S6/c1-29-131(23)205(313-193(339)104-259)252(393)317-204(130(21)22)248(389)288-159(75-82-200(349)350)217(358)282-156(71-78-189(263)335)221(362)308-183-116-403-404-117-184-243(384)305-178(111-324)240(381)294-162(88-123(7)8)225(366)295-168(95-140-53-61-146(329)62-54-140)228(369)283-154(69-76-187(261)333)218(359)290-161(87-122(5)6)223(364)285-158(74-81-199(347)348)220(361)302-174(101-190(264)336)235(376)298-170(97-142-57-65-148(331)66-58-142)231(372)309-182(242(383)304-176(255(396)397)103-192(266)338)115-402-400-113-180(307-226(367)163(89-124(9)10)291-232(373)172(99-144-105-269-119-275-144)300-219(360)155(70-77-188(262)334)284-234(375)175(102-191(265)337)303-249(390)201(127(15)16)314-211(352)150(260)92-137-44-34-31-35-45-137)213(354)274-109-196(342)280-177(110-323)239(380)301-173(100-145-106-270-120-276-145)233(374)293-165(91-126(13)14)237(378)315-202(128(17)18)247(388)287-157(73-80-198(345)346)215(356)277-133(25)210(351)289-160(86-121(3)4)224(365)296-169(96-141-55-63-147(330)64-56-141)229(370)292-164(90-125(11)12)236(377)316-203(129(19)20)250(391)311-181(114-401-405-118-185(310-244(183)385)245(386)319-207(134(26)326)253(394)306-179(112-325)241(382)318-206(132(24)30-2)251(392)312-184)214(355)273-107-194(340)278-153(72-79-197(343)344)216(357)281-151(51-42-84-271-257(267)268)212(353)272-108-195(341)279-166(93-138-46-36-32-37-47-138)227(368)297-167(94-139-48-38-33-39-49-139)230(371)299-171(98-143-59-67-149(332)68-60-143)238(379)320-208(135(27)327)254(395)322-85-43-52-186(322)246(387)286-152(50-40-41-83-258)222(363)321-209(136(28)328)256(398)399/h31-39,44-49,53-68,105-106,119-136,150-186,201-209,323-332H,29-30,40-43,50-52,69-104,107-118,258-260H2,1-28H3,(H2,261,333)(H2,262,334)(H2,263,335)(H2,264,336)(H2,265,337)(H2,266,338)(H,269,275)(H,270,276)(H,272,353)(H,273,355)(H,274,354)(H,277,356)(H,278,340)(H,279,341)(H,280,342)(H,281,357)(H,282,358)(H,283,369)(H,284,375)(H,285,364)(H,286,387)(H,287,388)(H,288,389)(H,289,351)(H,290,359)(H,291,373)(H,292,370)(H,293,374)(H,294,381)(H,295,366)(H,296,365)(H,297,368)(H,298,376)(H,299,371)(H,300,360)(H,301,380)(H,302,361)(H,303,390)(H,304,383)(H,305,384)(H,306,394)(H,307,367)(H,308,362)(H,309,372)(H,310,385)(H,311,391)(H,312,392)(H,313,339)(H,314,352)(H,315,378)(H,316,377)(H,317,393)(H,318,382)(H,319,386)(H,320,379)(H,321,363)(H,343,344)(H,345,346)(H,347,348)(H,349,350)(H,396,397)(H,398,399)(H4,267,268,271)

Código de classe de armazenamento

11 - Combustible Solids



Equipamento de proteção individual

Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US)

Certificado de análise

Certificado de origem

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While many microfluidic devices have been developed for sensing and others for actuation, few devices can perform both tasks effectively and simultaneously on the same platform. In piezoelectric sensors and actuators, this is due to the opposing operating requirements for
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Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are multipotent stromal cells residing in the bone marrow. MSCs have the potential to differentiate into adipocytes, chondrocytes, and other types of cells. However, the mechanism underlying MSC differentiation is still not fully understood. Here we

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