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Acetylcholinesterase from Electrophorus electricus (electric eel)

Type V-S, lyophilized powder, ≥1,000 units/mg protein

AChE, Acetylcholine acetylhydrolase, Cholinesterase, Acetyl
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fonte biológica

Electrophorus electricus

Nível de qualidade



Type V-S


lyophilized powder

specific activity

≥1,000 units/mg protein

peso molecular

280 kDa


Protein, ≥50% biuret




Tris buffer: 1 mg/mL (0.02 M Tris buffer, pH 7.5)

temperatura de armazenamento


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Descrição geral

Molecular Weight: 280 kDa
Isoelectric Point: 5.5
Extinction Coefficient: E1% = 18.0 (280 nm)

Acetylcholinesterase from Electrophorus electricus is a tetramer composed of 4 equal subunits of 70 kDa each. Each subunit contains one active site. The enzyme is a glycoprotein containing hexosamines.


Acetylcholinesterase from Electrophorus electricus (electric eel) has been used:
  • in acetylcholinesterase activity assay
  • to study its effects on Xenopus embryonic hippocampal cells
  • to study the effect of acetylcholine inhibitors on development and plasticity


500, 1000, 5000 units in glass bottle

Ações bioquímicas/fisiológicas

Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) exhibits its activity against acetylcholine in the neuromuscular junctions and synaptic cleft of cholinergic neurons. It participates in the nitric oxide signaling pathway.
Major degradative enzyme for acetylcholine in vivo. Converts acetylcholine + H2O to choline + acetic acid.


For dilute solutions (<1 mg/ml), add 1 mg/ml BSA to stabilize. Solutions containing at least 1 mg protein/ml in dilute neutral phosphate buffer are stable at least 6 months refrigerated.

Definição da unidade

One unit will hydrolyze 1.0 μmole of acetylcholine to choline and acetate per min at pH 8.0 at 37 °C.

forma física

Lyophilized powder containing Tris buffer salts

Nota de análise

The activity obtained using acetylcholine as substrate is 30-100 times that obtained with butyrylcholine, using acetylcholinesterase from electric eel.

Código de classe de armazenamento

11 - Combustible Solids



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Equipamento de proteção individual

Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US)

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