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Chlorophyll a

from spinach

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≥85% (HPLC)




chlorophyll b, essentially free

ε (extinction coefficient)

10.6-11.8 × 104 at 428 nm in diethyl ether (vs. 11.17 × 104, lit.)
8.2-9.1 × 104 at 662 nm in diethyl ether (vs. 8.63 × 104, lit.)

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dry ice

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Descrição geral

Chlorophyll a is an important light-harvesting, green or blue color pigment present in the photosynthetic membranes of the chloroplasts in plant cells. It functions as an antenna pigment in photosystems I and II.


A procedure has been described for harvesting native light-harvesting complex IIb (LHCIIb).
Chlorophyll a has been used:
  • to study the variation in carotenoids composition with changing colors and maturation in soybean seeds
  • to examine the use of chlorophyll distribution maps obtained from hyperspectral imaging for the non-destructive diagnosis of Nitrogen deficiency
  • as a standard to determine the concentration of the analyte by fluorescence spectrophotometric technique in the water sample collected from the yellow river
  • as a standard to quantify the amount of chlorophyllous pigments gathered from algae by high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) technique
  • in the identification of pheophytin a from environmentally friendly cultivated green peppers
  • to sense different nitric oxide (NO) species


1, 5, 10 mg in ampule
Sealed ampule.

Ações bioquímicas/fisiológicas

Chlorophyll a binds to the protein molecules CP47 and CP43, forming the inner antenna of the reaction center of Photosystem II. In photosystem I, the binding sites of chlorophyll a includes the polypeptides spread across the membranes. Scarcity in formation of chlorophyll and a low chlorophyll density can lead to deficiency of nitrogen in plants leaves.

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13 - Non Combustible Solids



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Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US)

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