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Tricorn Glass Tube

joint size (10/150)

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Descrição geral

Tricorn columns incorporate modern design and high performance to increase the user friendliness and reliability of the chromatography column. Tricorn columns are designed for high resolution liquid chromatography of biomolecules performed at medium to high pressures.

  • High performance glass columns designed for reliable high resolution, reproducibility and durability
  • New longer adaptor for increased adjustment of bed height
  • Modern, integrated design – simple to assemble, pack, operate, and maintain
  • Broad range of column dimensions – suitable for many different purification needs
  • Safety first – glass tubes coated with plastic film to protect laboratory personnel if the column is dropped or operated outside its specifications
  • Locking ring – prevents accidental compression of media bed
  • Separate packing connector – allows simple column packing for a broad range of media

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