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Microbial community DNA mix

Suitable for PCR, sequencing and NGS, 10 ng/μL

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10 ng/μL


DNA extraction: suitable
DNA sequencing: suitable
PCR: suitable

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dry ice

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Descrição geral

Standardization of sample analysis is currently needed in microbiome genomics research workflow. Lack of standardization can lead to biases and errors in common processes during sample preparation and analysis such as sample amplification, sequencing and bioinformatics analyses1.
The Microbial community DNA mix is composed of defined collection of genomic DNA standards from 10 different bacterial species, with ranging genome sizes and GC content and varying phyla. This collection can serve as standard for benchmarking the performance along the workflow of microbiomics and as a tool to increase reproducibility and allow comparison of results obtained by different labs.

Read here how to use our standards to ensure data integrity for your microbiome research.


The genomic DNA is provided at ≥10 ng/μl concentration in TE buffer pH 8.0.It is recommended to avoid freeze thaw cycles of this product.

Características e benefícios

  • Microbial mix for microbiomics and meta- genomics workflow
  • Suitable standard for PCR, sequencing and NGS
  • Improve Bioinformatics analyses
  • Increases reproducibility
  • Compare results lab to lab

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12 - Non Combustible Liquids



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