High-Purity Salts

halide (chloride) salts displaying an array of color in part due to the oxidation state of the associated metals

We provide a broad spectrum of high-purity salts, both anhydrous and hydrated, ranging from 99.9% to 99.999% purity as measured by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) or inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES). Our comprehensive salt portfolio includes:

  • Metal salts
  • Alkali salts
  • Alkaline metal salts
  • Precious metal salts
  • Rare earth salts
  • Halide salts
  • Acid salts

Typically, these high-purity ionic compounds are utilized as salt precursors in demanding solid state synthesis processes such as sol-gel and co-precipitation, as well as in precision nanoparticle synthesis such as in chemical reduction and solvothermal methods. Additional applications of our premium salts range from use as catalysts in chemical manufacturing to electrolyte mixtures for battery components.


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Ultra-High Purity Salts

High-purity materials are essential to conducting research, developing new technologies, and producing advanced products that demand excellent performance and quality. Our portfolio includes salts with an ultra-high purity level of over 99.998%, and less than 10 parts per million trace metal impurities. Our ISO 9001 quality management system ensures high batch-to-batch consistency with available batch-specific certificates of analysis (CoA) for dependable and reliable performance. 

AnhydroBeads™​ Salts

Our AnhydroBeads™ salts provide superior performance in air- and moisture-sensitive applications due to their high-purity, monodisperse, and free-flowing properties. These anhydrous salts are developed and tested under stringent dry manufacturing conditions to ensure water content at the parts-per-million scale, trace metal purity of 99.9% (3N) to 99.999% (5N), and low surface area-to-volume ratio (~2 mm in diameter).

Keep your work flowing with AnhydroBeads™ salts!

  • Reduced uptake rate of environmental moisture minimizes caking, dusting, and static buildup for repeated easy handling
  • Higher crucible packing densities and lower volatility in high-temperature solid state procedures
  • Easier pneumatic loading of salts to sample chambers due to less clogging issues associated with powdered salt counterparts

Redi-Dri™ Salts

Our Redi-Dri™ salts provide superior performance for moisture-sensitive applications due to very high-quality standards and ease of handling. Our innovative packaging system prevents absorption of environmental moisture by anhydrous and hydroscopic salts during transport and chemical storage, eliminating clumping and caking and preserving the compounds′ quality assured, free-flowing properties. In addition, Redi-Dri™ offers a convenient resealable storage container as an easier and safer replacement for single-use packaging like ampules.

Keep your work flowing with our Free flowing Redi-Dri™ Salts!

  • Longer shelf-life, free flowing without addition of anti-caking agents reduces the waste.
  • Slower absorption of environmental moisture
  • Conveniently resealable storage container in contrast to ampule
  • When compared to clumped materials, faster dissolution of Redi-Dri™ salts reduces waiting time and improves lab productivity.

Technipur™ Products For Industry

Our Technipur™ grade provides specialty products for technical applications, along with supply-chain security and transparency, consistent quality, and enhanced documentation. Our extensive portfolio of fit-for-use products for industries is designed to meet those needs.

We offer:

  • Large sized prepacks tailored to your needs
  • Scalable supply chain for your manufacturing needs
  • Inventory availability maintained for rapid delivery
  • Quality and documentation support

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