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Karen J Gibbins et al.
Obstetrics and gynecology, 121(2 Pt 1), 235-240 (2013-01-25)
Clinical trials support the efficacy and safety of magnesium sulfate for cerebral palsy prevention. We evaluated the implementation of a clinical protocol for the use of magnesium for cerebral palsy prevention in our large women's hospital, focusing on uptake, indications
J J Elser et al.
Applied and environmental microbiology, 81(5), 1542-1549 (2014-12-21)
Volcanic eruptions are a widespread force of geological and ecological disturbance and present recurrent opportunities for the study of biological responses to novel habitat formation. However, scientific study of such events is difficult given their short duration and often distant
Wei Ren et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 103(6), 1692-1700 (2014-04-10)
Passive and iontophoretic transport of fluoride from three fluoride sources, NaF, sodium monofluorophosphate (MFP), and SnF2 solutions, across bovine enamel was investigated to (1) determine the characteristics of the intrinsic barrier of enamel for ion transport, (2) examine the feasibility
Hiu Yee Kwan et al.
The Journal of biological chemistry, 289(44), 30525-30537 (2014-09-18)
Tumorigenesis involves constant communication between tumor cells and neighboring normal cells such as adipocytes. The canonical function of adipocytes is to store triglyceride and release fatty acids for other tissues. This study was aimed to find out if adipocytes promoted
Naoki Ishibashi et al.
Applied and environmental microbiology, 80(21), 6647-6655 (2014-08-26)
Enterococcus faecium NKR-5-3, isolated from Thai fermented fish, is characterized by the unique ability to produce five bacteriocins, namely, enterocins NKR-5-3A, -B, -C, -D, and -Z (Ent53A, Ent53B, Ent53C, Ent53D, and Ent53Z). Genetic analysis with a genome library revealed that
Han Na Suh et al.
Journal of cellular physiology, 229(10), 1557-1568 (2014-03-05)
The aim of this study is to determine whether GlcN could recover the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress-induced dysfunction of Na(+) /glucose cotransporter (SGLT) in renal proximal tubule cells (PTCs) under hypoxia. With the rabbit model, the renal ischemia induced tubulointerstitial
V Vijayasree et al.
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 186(7), 4499-4506 (2014-04-01)
Dissipation and decontamination of the semisynthetic macrolide emamectin benzoate and the natural insecticide spinosad on cowpea pods were studied following field application at single and double doses of 11.0 and 22 and 73 and 146 g ai ha(-1), respectively. Residues of these naturalytes
Wei Jia et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1362, 110-118 (2014-08-27)
A new analytical method was developed and validated for simultaneous analysis of 27 phthalates in milk and milk products. Response surface methodology was employed to optimize a quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged, and safe (QuEChERS) sample preparation method. Ultrahigh-performance liquid
Stefania Di Costanzo et al.
Human molecular genetics, 23(21), 5781-5792 (2014-06-14)
Dystroglycan is a transmembrane glycoprotein whose interactions with the extracellular matrix (ECM) are necessary for normal muscle and brain development, and disruptions of its function lead to dystroglycanopathies, a group of congenital muscular dystrophies showing extreme genetic and clinical heterogeneity.
Maria Domina et al.
PloS one, 9(12), e114159-e114159 (2014-12-05)
There is a need for techniques capable of identifying the antigenic epitopes targeted by polyclonal antibody responses during deliberate or natural immunization. Although successful, traditional phage library screening is laborious and can map only some of the epitopes. To accelerate
Gerald Z Zhuang et al.
PloS one, 10(3), e0118273-e0118273 (2015-03-04)
Calcium dysregulation is causally linked with various forms of neuropathology including seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, Huntington's disease, Alzheimer's, spinal cerebellar ataxia (SCA) and chronic pain. Carbonic anhydrase-8 (Car8) is an allosteric inhibitor of inositol trisphosphate receptor-1 (ITPR1), which regulates intracellular
Sarah-Lynn E Martz et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 16094-16094 (2015-11-05)
Salmonella typhimurium is a major cause of diarrhea and causes significant morbidity and mortality worldwide, and perturbations of the gut microbiota are known to increase susceptibility to enteric infections. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether a Microbial
Steven D Perrault et al.
ACS nano, 8(5), 5132-5140 (2014-04-04)
DNA nanotechnology enables engineering of molecular-scale devices with exquisite control over geometry and site-specific functionalization. This capability promises compelling advantages in advancing nanomedicine; nevertheless, instability in biological environments and innate immune activation remain as obstacles for in vivo application. Natural
Christian Schach et al.
American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology, 307(8), H1093-H1102 (2014-08-17)
Impaired endothelial function, which is dysregulated in diabetes, also precedes hypertension. We hypothesized that in Type 2 diabetes, the impaired endothelium-dependent relaxation is due to a loss of endothelium-derived hyperpolarization (EDH) that is regulated by impaired ion channel function. Zucker
Jun Zhou et al.
British journal of pharmacology, 172(21), 5068-5082 (2015-08-01)
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental disorder with enhanced retention of fear memory and has profound impact on quality of life for millions of people worldwide. The β-adrenoceptor antagonist propranolol has been used in preclinical and clinical studies for
Zengyan Wei et al.
Nature communications, 5, 3870-3870 (2014-05-16)
The shape-controlled synthesis of nanoparticles was established in single-phase solutions by controlling growth directions of crystalline facets on seed nanocrystals kinetically; however, it was difficult to rationally predict and design nanoparticle shapes. Here we introduce a methodology to fabricate nanoparticles
Scott Miller et al.
The Journal of experimental biology, 217(Pt 19), 3569-3578 (2014-07-27)
The ontogeny of carbon dioxide (CO2) sensing in zebrafish (Danio rerio) has not been examined. In this study, CO2-mediated increases in heart rate were used to gauge the capacity of zebrafish larvae to sense CO2. CO2 is thought to be
Sourav Ghosh et al.
The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 35(1), 128-139 (2015-01-09)
Training rats in a particularly difficult olfactory-discrimination task results in acquisition of high skill to perform the task superbly, termed "rule learning" or "learning set." Such complex learning results in enhanced intrinsic neuronal excitability of piriform cortex pyramidal neurons, and
Jun Fujii et al.
PloS one, 9(5), e93655-e93655 (2014-05-16)
In mice and humans, the androgen receptor (AR) gene, located on the X chromosome, is not known to be involved in sex determination. In the Japanese frog Rana rugosa the AR is located on the sex chromosomes (X, Y, Z
Elyssa B Margolis et al.
The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 34(44), 14707-14716 (2014-10-31)
The ventral tegmental area (VTA) is required for the rewarding and motivational actions of opioids and activation of dopamine neurons has been implicated in these effects. The canonical model posits that opioid activation of VTA dopamine neurons is indirect, through
Thuy-My N Nguyen et al.
The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, 2(2), CD009395-CD009395 (2013-03-02)
Magnesium sulphate is extensively used in obstetrics for the treatment and prevention of eclampsia. A recent meta-analysis has shown that magnesium sulphate is an effective fetal neuroprotective agent when given antenatally to women at risk of very preterm birth. Term
Nora Mueller et al.
PLoS pathogens, 10(12), e1004574-e1004574 (2014-12-19)
T cell paralysis is a main feature of measles virus (MV) induced immunosuppression. MV contact mediated activation of sphingomyelinases was found to contribute to MV interference with T cell actin reorganization. The role of these enzymes in MV-induced inhibition of
Y Yavuz et al.
European review for medical and pharmacological sciences, 17 Suppl 1, 28-33 (2013-04-26)
Carbon monoxide (CO) toxicity primarily results from cellular hypoxia caused by impedance of oxygen delivery. Studies show that CO may cause brain lipid peroxidation and leukocyte-mediated inflammatory changes in the brain. The aim of this study was to investigate whether
Huili Wang et al.
Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences, 985, 62-70 (2015-02-11)
Herein, we developed a novel integrated device to perform phase separation based on ultrasound-assisted salt-induced liquid-liquid microextraction for determination of five fluoroquinones (FQs) in human body fluids. The integrated device consisted of three simple HDPE components used to separate the
Estimating the value of intravenous calcium and magnesium in ameliorating oxaliplatin-induced neuropathy.
Carl D Atkins
Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 32(29), 3341-3341 (2014-08-20)
A P Morrison et al.
British journal of anaesthesia, 110(5), 702-712 (2013-03-28)
Spinal anaesthesia is the primary anaesthetic technique for many types of surgery. Adjuncts to the local anaesthetics (LA) used in spinal anaesthesia can exhibit undesirable side-effects, limiting their use, but magnesium may have advantages in this respect. We sought randomized
Mei Matsuzaki et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 17643-17643 (2015-12-02)
Although successful fertilization depends on timely encounters between sperm and egg, the decoupling of mating and fertilization often confers reproductive advantages to internally fertilizing animals. In several vertebrate groups, postcopulatory sperm viability is prolonged by storage in specialized organs within
Maosheng Xia et al.
Journal of neuroscience research, 92(8), 1078-1090 (2014-04-02)
After spinal cord injury (SCI), the formation of glial scar is a complex process that is attributed primarily to astrocytic proliferation, but the mechanism of astrocytes proliferation is still unclear. Fibronectin is a large extracellular glycoprotein that helps organize the
Inge R Fink et al.
Molecular immunology, 63(2), 381-393 (2014-10-14)
CD36 is a scavenger receptor which has been studied closely in mammals where it is expressed by many different cell types and plays a role in highly diverse processes, both homeostatic and pathologic. It is among other things important in
Y Ghinis-Hozumi et al.
Journal of animal science, 93(8), 3820-3831 (2015-10-07)
Sirtuins (Sirt) are NAD-dependent deacetylases that are activated by the antioxidants resveratrol (RSV) and lipoic acid (LA). The objective of this study was to determine in bovine liver and muscle slice cultures the effect of RSV and LA treatment on
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