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Veijo T Salo et al.
Developmental cell, 50(4), 478-493 (2019-06-11)
Seipin is an oligomeric integral endoplasmic reticulum (ER) protein involved in lipid droplet (LD) biogenesis. To study the role of seipin in LD formation, we relocalized it to the nuclear envelope and found that LDs formed at these new seipin-defined...
Md Mahabubur Rahman Talukder et al.
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, 177(8), 1742-1752 (2015-09-17)
Although ultrasound has been used to accelerate many enzymatic reactions, the low stability of enzymes in such a system still remains a critical issue, limiting its industrial application. Here, we have reported that polyethylene glycol (PEG) pretreatment stabilized Chromobacterium viscosum...
Saurabh Vig et al.
Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.), 14(14), 2274-2284 (2015-05-07)
Calreticulin (CRT) is an endoplasmic reticulum (ER) resident calcium binding protein that is involved in several cellular activities. Transcriptome analyses in CRT knockdown HepG2 cells revealed 253 altered unique genes and subsequent in silico protein-protein interaction network and MCODE clustering...
Zizwe A Chase et al.
Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany), 21(46), 16541-16546 (2015-09-26)
The state of Ni supported on HZSM-5 zeolite, silica, and sulfonated carbon was studied during aqueous-phase catalysis of phenol hydrodeoxygenation using in situ extended X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy. On sulfonated carbon and HZSM-5 supports, NiO and Ni(OH)2 were readily...
Elizabeth Cocks et al.
Pharmaceutical research, 31(8), 2000-2009 (2014-02-20)
This work investigates the feasibility of delivering large (≈ 25 μm) porous poly (lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) microparticles containing a model protein via pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI). Porous PLGA microparticles were prepared by modified double emulsion method as pMDI suspension based systems...
Federica Bigucci et al.
Drug development and industrial pharmacy, 41(6), 1017-1025 (2014-06-12)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the capacity of cellulose films enriched with oleic acid and polysorbate 80 to enhance the transdermal permeation of propranolol hydrochloride. Polymeric films were prepared by casting and drying aqueous solutions of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose...
Jason Nardella et al.
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics, 579, 73-84 (2015-06-04)
The gypsy moth utilizes a pheromone, (7R,8S)-2-methyl-7,8-epoxyoctadecane, for mate location. The pheromone is detected by sensory hairs (sensilla) on the antennae of adult males. Sensilla contain the dendrites of olfactory neurons bathed in lymph, which contains pheromone binding proteins (PBPs)....
Neslihan Ustündağ-Okur et al.
European journal of pharmaceutical sciences : official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences, 63, 204-215 (2014-08-12)
The objective of this study was to explore the potential of the nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) modified with chitosan oligosaccharide lactate (COL) for topical ocular application. Ofloxacin (OFX) loaded NLCs were prepared by microemulsion or high shear homogenization methods. For...
Liliana M R Silva et al.
Parasitology research, 114(1), 113-124 (2014-10-24)
Eimeria arloingi infections can cause severe haemorrhagic enteritis in young goat kids, thereby leading to high economic losses in goat industry worldwide. We aimed to isolate a new E. arloingi strain and establish a suitable in vitro culture system for...
Yu-Hong Cheng et al.
The Journal of biological chemistry, 290(23), 14302-14313 (2015-04-24)
Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogs are approved for treatment of type 2 diabetes and are in clinical trials for disorders including neurodegenerative diseases. GLP-1 receptor (GLP-1R) is expressed in many peripheral and neuronal tissues and is activated by circulating GLP-1. Other...
Akira Kotani et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, 97, 47-53 (2014-05-13)
The effects of hyperglycemia on the pharmacokinetics of valproic acid (VPA) were examined by time-concentration profiles of plasma VPA accompanied with blood glucose (BG) changing. In addition, time-concentration profiles of plasma free fatty acids (FFAs) were also obtained to examine...
Maria Filipa Pinto et al.
International journal of pharmaceutics, 477(1-2), 519-526 (2014-12-03)
The aim of the present work was to develop and assess the potential of nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) loaded with methotrexate as a new approach for topical therapy of psoriasis. Methotrexate-loaded NLCs were prepared via a modified hot homogenization combined...
Simon Hammann et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 407(30), 9019-9028 (2015-10-07)
Triacylglycerols represent the major part (>90%) in most plant oils and have to be eliminated, when the minor compounds such as phytosterols or tocopherols should be analyzed. Here, we used an all liquid-liquid chromatographic technique, countercurrent chromatography (CCC), to fractionate...
Rachael Dangarembizi et al.
Natural product communications, 8(3), 411-414 (2013-05-18)
Aloe ferox is an important medicinal plant in Southern Africa whose seeds could be useful as a source of oil. The fatty acid composition of A. ferox seed oil was determined using gas chromatography. The physicochemical properties of the oil...
U Goebel et al.
British journal of anaesthesia, 113(3), 474-483 (2014-04-04)
Whereas the effects of various inspiratory ventilatory modifications in lung injury have extensively been studied, those of expiratory ventilatory modifications are less well known. We hypothesized that the newly developed flow-controlled expiration (FLEX) mode provides a means of attenuating experimental...
A D White et al.
Clinical and vaccine immunology : CVI, 22(9), 992-1003 (2015-06-26)
Nine million cases of tuberculosis (TB) were reported in 2013, with a further 1.5 million deaths attributed to the disease. When delivered as an intradermal (i.d.) injection, the Mycobacterium bovis BCG vaccine provides limited protection, whereas aerosol delivery has been...
Peter Sec et al.
Lipids, 50(7), 621-630 (2015-04-25)
The role of cis-vaccenic acid (18:1n-7) in the reduction of unsaturated fatty acids toxicity was investigated in baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The quadruple mutant (QM, dga1Δ lro1Δ are1Δ are2Δ) deficient in enzymes responsible for triacylglycerol and steryl ester synthesis has...
Yujie Ding et al.
Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), 49(71), 7797-7799 (2013-07-26)
A novel fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based probe, γ-cyclodextrin modified oleic acid-NaYF4:Yb, Ho upconversion nanoparticles functionalized with a rhodamine B derivative (RBD), has been achieved for Fe(3+)-sensing in aqueous solution with high sensitivity and selectivity.
Jin Han et al.
ACS nano, 9(3), 2805-2819 (2015-02-18)
Electrophysiological phenotype development and paracrine action of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are the critical factors that determine the therapeutic efficacy of MSCs for myocardial infarction (MI). In such respect, coculture of MSCs with cardiac cells has windowed a platform for...
Ronak Savla et al.
Pharmaceutical research, 31(12), 3487-3502 (2014-06-13)
Design and synthesis of a tumor responsive nanoparticle-based system for imaging and treatment of various cancers. Manganese oxide nanoparticles (Mn3O4 NPs) were synthesized and modified with LHRH targeting peptide or anti-melanoma antibodies (cancer targeting moieties) and a MMP2 cleavable peptide...
Takuya Kitamura et al.
The Biochemical journal, 465(1), 79-87 (2014-10-07)
Aldehyde dehydrogenases (ALDHs) catalyse the conversion of toxic aldehydes into non-toxic carboxylic acids. Of the 21 ALDHs in mice, it is the ALDH3 family members (ALDH3A1, ALDH3A2, ALDH3B1, ALDH3B2 and ALDH3B3) that are responsible for the removal of lipid-derived aldehydes....
Stephanie Phan et al.
European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics : official journal of Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Pharmazeutische Verfahrenstechnik e.V, 96, 117-124 (2015-07-28)
Lipid-based formulations are gaining interest for use as drug delivery systems for poorly water-soluble drug compounds. During digestion, the lipolysis products self-assemble with endogenous surfactants in the gastrointestinal tract to form colloidal structures, enabling enhanced drug solubilisation. Although earlier studies...
Olesya Yarema et al.
ACS nano, 9(11), 11134-11142 (2015-09-16)
Ternary I-III-VI nanocrystals, such as silver indium selenide (AISe), are candidates to replace cadmium- and lead-based chalcogenide nanocrystals as efficient emitters in the visible and near IR, but, due to challenges in controlling the reactivities of the group I and...
Niklas Mejhert et al.
Molecular cell, 77(6), 1251-1264 (2020-02-06)
Lipid droplets (LDs) store lipids for energy and are central to cellular lipid homeostasis. The mechanisms coordinating lipid storage in LDs with cellular metabolism are unclear but relevant to obesity-related diseases. Here we utilized genome-wide screening to identify genes that...
Ping Wang et al.
Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics, 10(1), 150-158 (2013-08-29)
The application of immunotherapy in combination with chemotherapy is considered an effective treatment strategy against persistent Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) infection. In this study, we constructed a novel recombinant Mycobacterium smegmatis (rMS) strain that expresses Ag85B and ESAT6 fusion protein (AE-rMS)....
Muhammad I Khan et al.
Lipids in health and disease, 14, 89-89 (2015-08-12)
Cholesterol is an important biological compound; however, its oxidation products have been proven to be harmful to human health. Cooking, storage, and reheating methods significantly affect the safety of meat products, as they contribute to the production of cholesterol oxidation...
Sheng Song et al.
Acta biomaterialia, 24, 266-278 (2015-06-27)
In this work, superparamagnetic self-assembled microbubbles (SAMBs) consisting of "Poly(acrylic acid)-Iron oxide nanoparticles-Polyamine" sandwich-like shells and tetradecafluorohexane cores were fabricated by a template-free self-assembly approach. The SAMBs exhibit not only magnetic resonance (MR) T2 imaging functionality, but also ultrasound (US)...
Yeon Jun Kim et al.
ACS nano, 9(11), 10719-10728 (2015-10-31)
During thermal transformation of multicomponent nanocrystals in a silica nanosphere, FeAuPd alloy nanocrystals migrate outward and thereby leave a cavity in the silica matrix. Oxidation then converts these nanocrystals back into phase-segregated hybrid nanocrystals, AuPd@Fe3O4, with various morphologies. The FeAuPd-to-AuPd@Fe3O4...
Xiaoli Yi et al.
Molecular pharmaceutics, 12(11), 4085-4098 (2015-10-01)
In our study, we aimed to develop a codelivery nanoparticulate system of pirarubicin (THP) and paclitaxel (PTX) (Co-AN) using human serum albumin to improve the therapeutic effect and reduce systemic toxicities. The prepared Co-AN demonstrated a narrow size distribution around...
Hye Y Kim et al.
Journal of hepatology, 63(2), 477-485 (2015-02-04)
Most studies on the role of STAMP2 in metabolism have used adipose tissue. Little knowledge exists concerning the role of STAMP2 in the liver, which is a metabolically central target. We hypothesized that STAMP2 is involved in non-alcoholic fatty liver...
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