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Manuela Piazzi et al.
FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 29(4), 1383-1394 (2015-01-01)
The phosphoinositide-dependent signal transduction pathway has been implicated in the control of a variety of biologic processes, such as the regulation of cellular metabolism and homeostasis, cell proliferation and differentiation, and apoptosis. One of the key players in the regulation
Interaction Between Fumed-Silica and Epoxidized Natural Rubber
Luo YY, et al.
Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 21(4), 777-783 (2011)
Mukesh K Jaiswal et al.
Journal of reproductive immunology, 112, 38-45 (2015-08-01)
The a2 isoform of vacuolar-ATPase (ATP6V0A2, referred to as a2V) is required for normal spermatogenesis and maturation of sperm. Treatment of male mice with anti-a2V disturbs the testicular cytokine/chemokine balance and leads to severe deficiencies of spermatogenesis. The aim of
Tatiana Siqueira Gonçalves et al.
Mutation research. Genetic toxicology and environmental mutagenesis, 762, 1-8 (2014-02-06)
Stainless steel bands, with or without silver soldered joints, are routinely used in orthodontics. However, little is known about the toxic biological effects of these appliances. The aims of this study were to evaluate the cytotoxic, cytostatic, genotoxic and DNA
Qingsu Cheng et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 13685-13685 (2015-09-09)
To date, in situ visualization of microbial density has remained an open problem. Here, functionalized buckyballs (e.g., C60-pyrrolidine tris acid) are shown to be a versatile platform that allows internalization within a microorganism without either adhering to the cell wall
Chang Hoon Moon et al.
Investigational new drugs, 32(3), 400-411 (2013-11-10)
CKD-516 is a benzophenone analog in which the B ring is modified by replacement with a carbonyl group. The study assessed CKD-516 as a vascular disrupting agent or anti-cancer drug. To assess the effect of S516 on vascularization, we analyzed
Soania Mathur et al.
Journal of Parkinson's disease, 5(2), 263-268 (2015-02-28)
Despite an urgent need for new medications, clinical trials in Parkinson's have a relatively low rate of success. Although many reasons have been proposed for this, the opinions of patients and scientists, the two principal stakeholders, have not been widely
Luis Alberto Luévano-Martínez et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1847(6-7), 587-598 (2015-04-07)
Mitochondria play a key role in adaptation during stressing situations. Cardiolipin, the main anionic phospholipid in mitochondrial membranes, is expected to be a determinant in this adaptive mechanism since it modulates the activity of most membrane proteins. Here, we used
Keren B Turton et al.
PloS one, 10(5), e0127243-e0127243 (2015-05-20)
Signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) is a key mediator of leukocyte differentiation and proliferation. The 3' end of STAT3 transcripts is subject to two alternative splicing events. One results in either full-length STAT3α or in STAT3β, which
Mukesh K Jaiswal et al.
Journal of leukocyte biology, 96(2), 337-347 (2014-03-14)
a2V is required for maturation of sperm. The decreased expression of a2V at the feto-maternal interphase causes poor pregnancy outcome. The present study examined the role of a2V in spermatogenesis and inflammatory network in the testis. A single dose of
Marcelo Ramalho-Ortigão et al.
Parasites & vectors, 8, 298-298 (2015-05-30)
The Phlebotomus papatasi salivary protein PpSP15 was shown to protect mice against Leishmania major, suggesting that incorporation of salivary molecules in multi-component vaccines may be a viable strategy for anti-Leishmania vaccines. Here, we investigated PpSP15 predicted amino acid sequence variability
Yijun Yao et al.
Journal of hazardous materials, 298, 221-231 (2015-06-10)
In 2002, U.S. EPA proposed a general buffer zone of approximately 100 feet (30 m) laterally to determine which buildings to include in vapor intrusion (VI) investigations. However, this screening distance can be threatened by factors such as extensive surface
C Uhrenfeldt et al.
Optics express, 23(11), A525-A538 (2015-06-16)
Plasmonic resonances in metal nanoparticles are considered candidates for improved thin film Si photovoltaics. In periodic arrays the influence of collective modes can enhance the resonant properties of such arrays. We have investigated the use of periodic arrays of Al
Diane G Elliott et al.
Diseases of aquatic organisms, 114(1), 21-43 (2015-05-12)
Non-lethal pathogen testing can be a useful tool for fish disease research and management. Our research objectives were to determine if (1) fin clips, gill snips, surface mucus scrapings, blood draws, or kidney biopsies could be obtained non-lethally from 3
Robert Shrake et al.
Journal of colloid and interface science, 437, 140-146 (2014-10-15)
Zwitterionic quantum dots prepared through incorporated zwitterionic ligands on quantum dot surfaces, are being paid significant attention in biomedical applications because of their excellent colloidal stability across a wide pH and ionic strength range, antifouling surface, good biocompatibility, etc. In
Melt rheology of organoclay and fumed silica nanocomposites
Ph. Cassagnau
Polymer, 49(9), 2183-2196 (2008)
G Cappelletti et al.
Environmental science and pollution research international, 22(22), 17733-17743 (2015-07-15)
In order to avoid both natural and artificial stone decay, mainly due to the interaction with atmospheric pollutants (both gases such as NOx and SO2 and particulate matter), polymeric materials have been widely studied as protective coatings enable to limit
Petra Thulin et al.
International journal of molecular medicine, 21(6), 819-824 (2008-05-29)
The peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPARdelta) is a transcription factor that regulates genes of importance in lipid and glucose metabolism. ApoA-II is one of the major proteins of the HDL-particle. The aim of this study was to investigate the regulation
Xinli Huang et al.
International journal of clinical and experimental pathology, 7(8), 4755-4764 (2014-09-10)
Human liver ischemia/reperfusion injury (IRI) is a common and major clinical problem complicating liver surgery and transplantation. The pathogenesis underlying IRI is complex, involving a series of signaling mediators and mechanisms. This study aimed to investigate the effects of Magnesium
Ashok Aspatwar et al.
PloS one, 10(7), e0134263-e0134263 (2015-07-29)
Carbonic anhydrase related proteins (CARPs) X and XI are highly conserved across species and are predominantly expressed in neural tissues. The biological role of these proteins is still an enigma. Ray-finned fish have lost the CA11 gene, but instead possess
Danielle D Cloutier et al.
Applied and environmental microbiology, 81(15), 4904-4913 (2015-05-17)
Microbial communities within beach sand play a key role in nutrient cycling and are important to the nearshore ecosystem function. Escherichia coli and enterococci, two common indicators of fecal pollution, have been shown to persist in the beach sand, but
Preparation and properties of TiO2/fumed silica composite photocatalytic materials
Yu Y, et al.
Procedia Engineering, 27, 448-456 (2012)
Lutfiya Miller-Pinsler et al.
Toxicology and applied pharmacology, 287(3), 232-239 (2015-06-16)
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have been implicated in the mechanism of ethanol (EtOH) teratogenicity, but the protective role of the embryonic antioxidative enzyme catalase is unclear, as embryonic activity is only about 5% of maternal levels. We addressed this question
Joshua S Boateng et al.
Protein and peptide letters, 21(11), 1163-1175 (2014-08-08)
Stable and mucoadhesive, lyophilised, thiolated chitosan xerogels, loaded with insulin for buccal mucosa deliv- ery, in place of the currently used parenteral route have been developed. The xerogels were backed with impervious ethyl- cellulose laminate to ensure unidirectional release and
Ángel E Mercado-Pagán et al.
Journal of biomaterials applications, 29(4), 557-565 (2014-06-11)
One of the main challenges for clinical implementation of small diameter vascular grafts (SDVGs) is their limited hemocompatibility. Important design specifications for such grafts include features that minimize the long-term risks of restenosis, fouling, and thrombus formation. In our lab
Tangential flow filtration of haptoglobin.
Pires, et al.
Biotechnology Progress, 36, e3010-e3010 (2020)
Zheng O, et al.
Energy Procedia, 16 Part B, 1211-1219 (2012)
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