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Ke-Qiang Xie et al.
Acta pharmacologica Sinica, 30(7), 889-898 (2009-07-04)
To understand the mechanism of the transactivation of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mediated by the adenosine A(1) receptor (A(1)R). Primary cultured rat cortical neurons subjected to oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD) and HEK293/A(1)R cells were treated with the A(1)R-specific agonist
Sunaina Rengarajan et al.
Cell reports. Medicine, 1(7) (2020-11-17)
Stress is a known trigger for flares of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); however, this process is not well understood. Here, we find that restraint stress in mice leads to signs of diarrhea, fecal dysbiosis, and
Kristie M Tevis et al.
Acta biomaterialia, 50, 271-279 (2016-12-25)
Tumor associated macrophages (TAMs) are critical stromal components intimately involved with the progression, invasion, and metastasis of cancer cells. To address the need for an in vitro system that mimics the clinical observations of TAM localizations and subsequent functional performance
Ethan R Block et al.
Molecular biology of the cell, 21(13), 2172-2181 (2010-05-14)
The ability of epithelia to migrate and cover wounds is essential to maintaining their functions as physical barriers. Wounding induces many cues that may affect the transition to motility, including the immediate mechanical perturbation, release of material from broken cells
Masumi Iijima et al.
Acta biomaterialia, 86, 373-380 (2019-01-15)
Antibody drugs have been important therapeutic agents for treating various diseases, such as cancer, rheumatism, and hypercholesterolemia, for the last three decades. Despite showing excellent therapeutic efficacy with good safety in vivo, they require high doses. We have developed a
Georges E Janssens et al.
Cell reports, 27(2), 467-480 (2019-04-11)
Aging strongly influences human morbidity and mortality. Thus, aging-preventive compounds could greatly improve our health and lifespan. Here we screened for such compounds, known as geroprotectors, employing the power of transcriptomics to predict biological age. Using age-stratified human tissue transcriptomes
Maria Di Bari et al.
International journal of molecular sciences, 19(6) (2018-06-03)
Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most aggressive human brain tumor. The high growth potential and decreased susceptibility to apoptosis of the glioma cells is mainly dependent on genetic amplifications or mutations of oncogenic or pro-apoptotic genes, respectively. We have previously shown
Laura Fontenas et al.
Cell reports, 27(1), 115-128 (2019-04-04)
During development, oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs) migrate extensively throughout the spinal cord. However, their migration is restricted at transition zones (TZs). At these specialized locations, unique glial cells in both zebrafish and mice play a role in preventing peripheral OPC
I-Hua Chen et al.
Toxicology and applied pharmacology, 289(2), 330-340 (2015-09-20)
Anoikis is defined as apoptosis, which is induced by inappropriate cell-matrix interactions. Cancer cells with anoikis resistance tend to undergo metastasis, and this phenomenon has been reported to be associated with integrin and FAK activity. HPW-RX40 is a derivative of
Aneta Swat et al.
Molecular and cellular biology, 29(12), 3332-3343 (2009-04-15)
Contact inhibition is a fundamental process in multicellular organisms aimed at inhibiting proliferation at high cellular densities through poorly characterized intracellular signals, despite availability of growth factors. We have previously identified the protein kinase p38alpha as a novel regulator of
Hwa-Kyung Son et al.
BMC cancer, 20(1), 1163-1163 (2020-11-29)
Transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) signaling is a double-edged sword in cancer development and progression. TGF-β signaling plays a tumor suppressive role during the early stages of tumor development but promotes tumor progression in later stages. We have previously identified various
Nastaran Zahir et al.
The Journal of cell biology, 163(6), 1397-1407 (2003-12-24)
Invasive carcinomas survive and evade apoptosis despite the absence of an exogenous basement membrane. How epithelial tumors acquire anchorage independence for survival remains poorly defined. Epithelial tumors often secrete abundant amounts of the extracellular matrix protein laminin 5 (LM-5) and
Wuhong Pei et al.
NPJ Regenerative medicine, 5, 6-6 (2020-03-29)
Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is the most common genetic disease in children. SMA is generally caused by mutations in the gene SMN1. The survival of motor neurons (SMN) complex consists of SMN1, Gemins (2-8), and Strap/Unrip. We previously demonstrated smn1
Tyrphostin AG 1478 preferentially inhibits human glioma cells expressing truncated rather than wild-type epidermal growth factor receptors
Han Y, et al.
Cancer Research, 56, 3859-3861 (2019)
David Kuo et al.
Science translational medicine, 11(491) (2019-05-10)
Macrophages tailor their function according to the signals found in tissue microenvironments, assuming a wide spectrum of phenotypes. A detailed understanding of macrophage phenotypes in human tissues is limited. Using single-cell RNA sequencing, we defined distinct macrophage subsets in the
Sandra Rayego-Mateos et al.
The Journal of pathology, 244(2), 227-241 (2017-11-22)
Connective tissue growth factor (CCN2/CTGF) is a matricellular protein that is overexpressed in progressive human renal diseases, mainly in fibrotic areas. In vitro studies have demonstrated that CCN2 regulates the production of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins and epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)
Asha L Bayliss et al.
PloS one, 8(11), e80833-e80833 (2013-11-23)
The evolution of the biogenic amine signalling system in vertebrates is unclear. However, insights can be obtained from studying the structures and signalling properties of biogenic amine receptors from the protochordate, amphioxus, which is an invertebrate species that exists at
Andrew McKinney et al.
Molecular cancer therapeutics, 18(9), 1565-1576 (2019-07-05)
Amplification of the epidermal growth factor receptor gene (EGFR) represents one of the most commonly observed genetic lesions in glioblastoma (GBM); however, therapies targeting this signaling pathway have failed clinically. Here, using human tumors, primary patient-derived xenografts (PDX), and a
Desmoid cell motility is induced in vitro by rhEGF
Joyner DE, et al.
Journal of Orthopaedic Research : Official Publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society, 27(9), 1258-1262 (2009)
Andrea Palamidessi et al.
Nature materials, 18(11), 1252-1263 (2019-07-25)
During wound repair, branching morphogenesis and carcinoma dissemination, cellular rearrangements are fostered by a solid-to-liquid transition, known as unjamming. The biomolecular machinery behind unjamming and its pathophysiological relevance remain, however, unclear. Here, we study unjamming in a variety of normal
The EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor tyrphostin AG-1478 causes hypomagnesemia and cardiac dysfunction
Weglicki WB, et al.
Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 56, 8-8 (2019)
Tyrphostin AG1478 suppresses proliferation and invasion of human breast cancer cells.
Zhang YG, et al.
International Journal of Oncology, 33(3), 595-602 (2008)
Erine H Budi et al.
PLoS genetics, 7(5), e1002044-e1002044 (2011-06-01)
The pigment cells of vertebrates serve a variety of functions and generate a stunning variety of patterns. These cells are also implicated in human pathologies including melanoma. Whereas the events of pigment cell development have been studied extensively in the
Yukinori Endo et al.
mAbs, 10(7), 1003-1017 (2018-08-22)
Ado-trastuzumab emtansine (Kadcyla®; T-DM1) is an antibody-drug conjugate developed to treat trastuzumab-resistant disease. Despite initial favorable outcomes, most patients eventually cease to respond due to developing acquired resistance to T-DM1. Currently, there is no targeted therapy to treat T-DM1-resistant disease.
Linlin Li et al.
Oncotarget, 8(20), 33047-33063 (2017-04-06)
Aerobic glycolysis is essential for tumor growth and survival. Activation of multiple carcinogenic signals contributes to metabolism reprogramming during malignant transformation of cancer. Recently nitric oxide has been noted to promote glycolysis but the mechanism remains elusive. We report here
Mahmoud El-Daly et al.
Vascular pharmacology, 109, 56-71 (2018-06-17)
Hyperglycaemia is a major contributor to diabetic cardiovascular disease with hyperglycaemia-induced endothelial dysfunction recognized as the initiating cause. Coagulation pathway-regulated proteinase-activated receptors (PARs) that can regulate vascular tone in vivo cause eNOS-mediated endothelium-dependent vasodilation; but, the impact of hyperglycaemia on
Kazuki Kurihara et al.
European journal of pharmacology, 891, 173753-173753 (2020-11-28)
The intracellular signaling pathway of growth hormone (GH)-stimulated DNA synthesis and proliferation was investigated in primary cultures of adult rat hepatocytes. DNA synthesis and cell proliferation were detected in hepatocyte parenchymal cells grown in serum-free, defined medium containing GH (100 ng/ml).
David E Joyner et al.
Sarcoma, 2011, 847409-847409 (2011-12-03)
One important mechanism by which cancer cells parasitize their host is by escaping apoptosis. Thus, selectively facilitating apoptosis is a therapeutic mechanism by which oncotherapy may prove highly advantageous. One major apoptotic pathway is mediated by Fas ligand (FasL). The
Leanna Cheung et al.
Biochemical pharmacology, 93(3), 380-388 (2014-12-03)
Multidrug resistance protein 4 (MRP4) effluxes a wide variety of drugs and endogenous signaling molecules from cells and has been proposed as an attractive therapeutic target in several solid tumors, including neuroblastoma and colorectal cancer. MRP4 also regulates the pharmacokinetics
Xiaohua Gao et al.
Environmental health perspectives, 123(4), 331-336 (2014-10-25)
It has been proposed that cadmium (Cd) is an environmental "metalloestrogen" and that its action is mediated via the estrogen receptor (ER). Cd mimics the effects of estrogen in the rat uterus, and blood Cd concentrations positively correlate with ER
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