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Ethyl alcohol, Pure 190 proof, ACS reagent, meets USP testing specifications, Excise Tax-free, Permit for use required

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Assay ACS (v/v)>= 95.0%
Assay USP (v/v)94.9 - 96.0%
ProofLot analysis
Solubility in waterPasses test
Acetone/Isopropyl AlcoholPasses test
Methanol<= 0.1%
Substances darkened by sulfuric acidPasses test
Substances reducing permanganatePasses test
Color (APHA)<= 10
Titrable Acid<= 0.0005 meq/g
Titrable Base<= 0.0002 meq/g
Acidity or AlkalinityThe solution is pink (30ppm, expressed as acetic acid)
Identification Test AIt meets the requirements of the test for Specific Gravity
Identification Test BConforms to Infrared Spectra (Neat)
Specific Gravity @ 15.56°C0.812 - 0.816 @ 15.56°C
Clarity of SolutionSample Solution A & B show the same clarity as that of water, or their opalescence is not more pronounced than that of Reference Suspension A
Color of SolutionSample solution has the appearance of water or is not more intensely colored than the standard solution
UV absorption @ 240 nm<= 0.40
UV absorption @ 250 nm to 260 nm<= 0.30
UV absorption @ 270 nm to 340 nm<= 0.10
UV absorption 235 nm to 340 nmAbsorption curve is smooth
Inorganic Impurities<= 2.5mg
Residue after Evaporation<= 0.001%
Organic Impurities-Methanol<= 200 ppm
Organic Impurities-Acetaldehyde and Acetal<= 10 ppm
Organic Impurities-Benzene<= 2 ppm
Organic Impurities-Sum of all other impurities<= 300 ppm