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Custom siRNA Libraries & Panels

MISSION® Custom siRNA Libraries & Panels are the most compelling collections for high-throughput screening of therapeutic-value target genes. The flexible format facilitates research for scientists who are interested in specific classes of genes as well as those who need to generate information across the entire druggable genome.

Product Benefits

  • Duplexes designed using the Rosetta Algorithm, one of the most powerful tools for high target specificity and efficient gene knockdown
  • Up to 3 duplexes available per gene, thereby allowing for optional pooling
  • Amounts of material provided allow for multiple screenings and hit follow-up
  • Gene targets picked in collaboration with major pharmaceutical company

Product Features

  • 21mer siRNA duplexes with dTdT overhangs
  • Duplex amounts provided vary (see list below)
  • 1 to 3 duplexes available per gene
  • Duplexes formatted in multiple 96-well plates
    o 80 duplexes per plate
    o First/last columns empty
    o Dry
  • Items provided electronically, include:
    o Plate maps
    o Target gene list
    o Sequence information
  • Controls may be available (inquire)

Available Libraries & Panels

Select the library or panel of interest and then use the button above to complete the quote request form. To learn if controls are included as well as the list of genes in the library or panel of interest, please send an email to


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