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Natrix® Q Pilot




Quality Level


75-375 mL/min flow rate

bed H

0.5 mm

bed volume

15 mL

pore size

0.4 μm pore size


3 g binding capacity (BSA)(per device)

shipped in


General description

With a revolutionary three-dimensional macroporous hydrogel structure that provides a high density of binding sites and rapid mass transfer, Natrix®(Q)chromatography membranes deliver binding capacity that exceeds resin-based columns with fast flow rates typical of traditional membrane adsorbers.This combination of performance and speed in a single-use, plug-and-play device format enables low-risk, scalable solutions for efficient biomolecule purification.

Natrix®(Q)chromatography membrane is a high productivity strong anion exchange membrane designed for biomolecule purification. The unique Natrix®(Q)chromatography membrane is a porous polyacrylamide hydrogel containing a high density of pendant quaternary ammonium(Q) binding groups that are directly polymerized within the an inert, macroporous membrane scaffold. The interconnected pore structure and high functional group density enables fast flow rates (seconds of residence time) with impressive throughput to extremely high loads while maintaining excellent impurity reduction across a wide range of buffer conditions. The Natrix®(Q)chromatography membrane design delivers improvements in productivity, flexibility, and process robustness and economics for any bioprocess design. The Natrix®(Q) Pilot is an intermediate scale device, intended to verify and adjust operating parameters. The Pilot may be used for small-scale clinical and commercial manufacturing.
mAb nominal polishing capacity: 150 g

Membrane configuration: Pleated

1 device per package

Legal Information

NACONNECT is a trademark of Millipore AB - Sweden
NATRIFLO is a trademark of Natrix Separations Inc.
NATRIX is a registered trademark of Natrix Separations Inc.

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