BioUltra, ≥99.0% (NT)

Oxyneurine, Trimethylglycine, (Carboxymethyl)trimethylammonium inner salt
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Quality Level


≥99.0% (NT)


insoluble matters, passes filter test


methanol: 1 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless

anion traces

chloride (Cl-): ≤200 mg/kg
sulfate (SO42-): ≤200 mg/kg

cation traces

Ca: ≤10 mg/kg
Cd: ≤5 mg/kg
Co: ≤5 mg/kg
Cr: ≤5 mg/kg
Cu: ≤5 mg/kg
Fe: ≤5 mg/kg
K: ≤50 mg/kg
Mg: ≤5 mg/kg
Mn: ≤5 mg/kg
Na: ≤100 mg/kg
Ni: ≤5 mg/kg
Pb: ≤5 mg/kg
Zn: ≤5 mg/kg


≤0.05 at 280 nm in methanol at 1 M
≤0.08 at 260 nm in methanol at 1 M

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Betaine has been used in reverse transcription to increase the thermal stability of proteins and to destabilize the DNA helix.

Biochem/physiol Actions

Betaine has been shown to increase S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) levels and hence, may have a role in diminishing hepatic steatosis. It is an osmolyte which protects cells against environmental stress.
End-product of oxidative metabolism of choline, betaine is a general methyl donor, in particular in a minor pathway of methionine biosynthesis. It is used to treat homocystinuria, which is a defect in the major pathway of methionine biosynthesis.


13 - Non Combustible Solids

WGK Germany


Flash Point F

Not applicable

Flash Point C

Not applicable

Personal Protective Equipment

dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Gloves

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Full-length RNA-seq from single cells using Smart-seq2.
Picelli S
Nature Protocols, 9(1), 171-181 (2014)
Paulina Aldana-Hernández et al.
The Journal of nutrition, 150(2), 249-255 (2019-09-19)
Choline, an essential nutrient, is required for cell membranes, lipoprotein secretion, and methyl-group metabolism. Recently, it has been proposed that excess dietary choline consumption is metabolized to trimethylamine (TMA) by the gut microbiota; TMA is then oxidized to trimethylamine N-oxide...
Varsha Mathur et al.
Current biology : CB, 29(17), 2936-2941 (2019-08-20)
The apicomplexans are a group of obligate animal pathogens that include Plasmodium (malaria), Toxoplasma (toxoplasmosis), and Cryptosporidium (cryptosporidiosis) [1]. They are an extremely diverse and specious group but are nevertheless united by a distinctive suite of cytoskeletal and secretory structures related to...
W Abu Al-Soud et al.
Journal of clinical microbiology, 38(12), 4463-4470 (2000-12-02)
The full potential of diagnostic PCR is limited, in part, by the presence of inhibitors in complex biological samples that reduce the amplification efficiency. Therefore, different pre-PCR treatments are being used to reduce the effects of PCR inhibitors. The aim...
M R Olthof et al.
Current drug metabolism, 6(1), 15-22 (2005-02-22)
High plasma concentrations of homocysteine may increase risk of cardiovascular disease. Folic acid lowers plasma homocysteine by 25% maximally, because 5-methyltetrahydrofolate is a methyl donor in the remethylation of homocysteine to methionine. Betaine (trimethylglycine) is also a methyl donor in...

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