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Photometry Instruments, Test Kits & Accessories

Spectroquant® photometers and accessories designed for quantitative analysis of environmental parameters

The Spectroquant® system consists an extensive range of high-quality test kits, reliable instruments, customized applications, and end-to-end analytical quality assurance (AQA) for secure photometric analysis.

The crucial components of a photometric analysis are a test kit to perform a chemical reaction in a cuvette and a photometer to read the result. We furthermore provide guided AQA and ready-to-use standard solutions to ensure appropriate quality. Beyond other accessories, we also provide connectivity software to export your measuring results seamlessly.

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Spectroquant® Photometers

Spectroquant® instruments provide simplicity, security, and durability in water, food, and environmental testing.

  • Spectroquant® Prove 100 / 300 / 600 spectrophotometers are ideal for wastewater, drinking water, and process water analysis with a broad range of pre-programmed methods The Spectroquant® Prove Connect to LIMS software enables easy, automated data transfer to your electronic lab system.
  • Spectroquant® NOVA 60A filter photometer provides high measurement quality, simple handling, and start-to-finish analytical quality assurance.
  • Spectroquant® Move handheld colorimeters are dust-tight and waterproof according to IP 68 classification. The Move 100 can be used for rapid, on-site analysis with over 100 pre-programmed and 35 user-defined methods for drinking and wastewater analysis. Move DC provides rapid results for five key disinfection control parameters: chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, cyanuric acid, and pH.
  • Spectroquant® Thermoreactors are optimized for use with Spectroquant® digestion reagents and deliver a rapid thermal pretreatment as required e.g. with the COD digestion method or Spectroquant® Crack Sets.

Spectroquant® Test Kits

Our ready-to-use Spectroquant® Test Kits are optimized for photometric analysis of a broad range of parameters. They enable accurate and reliable results by providing all needed reagents, instructions and a barcode system for automated method selection with Spectroquant® photometers. The Live ID for Spectroquant® Prove provides information about shelf life and batch number to improve your QA.

The Spectroquant® Cell test kits provide reagents in 16 mm cuvettes for single use, whereas Spectroquant® Reagent test kits provide pure chemicals to be used with your cuvettes of any format as an economic alternative. Several Spectroquant® Test kits are US EPA accepted or US EPA equivilant or aligned to ISO standard methods, ensuring reliable and reproducible results.

Spectroquant® Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA)

Our comprehensive portfolio offers also ready-to-use reference standard solutions, ideal for quality control of photometric methods and the Spectroquant® Test Kits.

These are provided mostly in concentration ranges that allow direct use without further dilution to save time and avoid dilution errors. These photometric standard solutions are traceable to standard reference materials (SRM) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or to United States Pharmacopeia (USP).