Virus Filter Holders and Systems

Our proven Viresolve® Pro Solution provides a comprehensive template for virus filtration in biologics manufacturing, delivering the highest levels of retention assurance and processing efficiency across a broad range of feed streams. Flexible, easy-to-use filter holders are a key component for integration of the Viresolve® Pro Solution, enabling scalable virus filtration that meets your manufacturing demands.

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Viresolve® Pro+ Magnus Holder used for large-volume processing, integrating 1–3 Viresolve® Pro Magnus devices and 1–3 Viresolve® Pro Magnus Shield/Shield H devices

Viresolve® Pro/Pro+ Magnus Holders for Viresolve® Pro Solution

Viresolve® Magnus Holders are designed for large-volume processing. The Viresolve® Pro Magnus Holder is designed to run the Viresolve® Pro Device alone, while the Viresolve® Pro+ Magnus Holder is designed to run the Viresolve® Pro Magnus Device coupled with either the Viresolve® Pro Magnus Shield or Shield H devices.

  • Quick and easy loading and unloading
  • No product contact
  • Minimized holder footprint with vertical orientation
  • Rods in multiple lengths for various sized installations
  • Simple manual hydraulics
Viresolve® Pro Magnus Holder, integrating 1–3 Viresolve® virus filtration devices

Viresolve® Pro Magnus Holder for Viresolve® Pro with Pod filter Holder for Viresolve® Prefilter

When using a Viresolve® Prefilter in combination with Viresolve® Pro Magnus, a Pod holder is required in front of the Viresolve® Pro Magnus Holder. The modular design of our Pod Filter holder allows users to operate as few as one filter at pilot scale, or as many as 30 Pod filters installed at the process scale. These options make it easy to configure and reconfigure a system as process requirements scale up or down.

  • Quick and easy loading and unloading
  • Modular format for 6x scalability within the same footprint
  • Robust construction is easy to use and set up
  • No product contact
  • Simple manual hydraulics
Pod Holder

Mobius® FlexReady Solution for Large-scale Virus Filtration

The Mobius® FlexReady solution for large-scale virus filtration is an easy-to-use system featuring an optimized single-use flow path designed to fully support your virus filtration needs.

  • Fast setup of hardware with easy installation of optimally designed Flexware® assemblies
  • Maximum adaptability to your changing operational needs with single-use flow paths
  • Pre-designed and optimized for virus filtration to give you confidence and peace of mind

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