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CRISPR/Cas9 Products and Services
Synonym: CRISPR, CRISPRs, Cas9, Crispr RNA, Crispr/Cas System, Synthetic CRISPR, crRNA, tracrRNA
Custom Peptides
Custom Peptides: Product Overview, Design, and Ordering
SMCxPRO™ Immunoassay Instrument and SMC™ Kits
High Sensitivity Protein Measurement at the fg/mL level Synonym: SMC, Singulex, single molecule counting, xPRO
DNA Oligos in Tubes
DNA Oligos in Tubes. Product VC00021
Device Validation
Device Validation
Alchemica Test
HPLC Analysis of Sugars on SUPELCOSIL™ LC-NH2
HPLC Analysis of Sugars on SUPELCOSIL™ LC-NH2
Pharma Microbiology Testing Device Validation
Our pharma microbiology testing device validation protocols provide correct documentation for audits and with regulatory authorities. When we are on-site, our validation engineers ask the right questions, understand your application, and the validation requirements of your equipment.
Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific Region
DMABA Derivatization: Aminophospholipid Detection Multiplexing
In this video Dr. Robert Murphy, professor at University of Colorado - Denver, discusses DMABA Derivatization: Aminophospholipid Detection Multiplexing.
Aseptic Manufacturing
Aseptic Manufacturing
Embryo Culture Media
Mouse embryo media and embryo validated reagents for transgenic mouse embryo culture
How to Run Milliplex
Key Steps in the MILLIPLEX® Assay Protocol for the Analysis of Soluble Biomarkers
Americas region
The Use of Derivatization Reagents for GC
The Use of Derivatization Reagents for GC
GC Injection Port Issues: Two Case Studies (Peak Tailing and Low Response)
Proper product selection and preventative maintenance for the GC inlet are vital elements that impact performance of the GC instrument.
Selectophore Ionophores presents an article on Selectophore Ionophores
Isotopic Labeling for NMR Spectroscopy of Biological Solids
Isotopic Labeling for NMR Spectroscopy of Biological Solids;
GC Analysis of Agricultural Pesticides (Standard) on SLB®-5ms
GC Analysis of Agricultural Pesticides (Standard) on SLB®-5ms
Molecularly Imprinted Polymer SPE- Acid NSAIDs from Muscle
A new, successfully developed and validated LC-MS-MS method allowing the extraction of NSAIDs from poultry muscle tissue using Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) SPE.
A validated amino acid analysis assay for accurate quantification of stable isotope labeled protein reference materials: SIL thyroglobulin case study
With the emergence of mass spectrometry for the clinical measurement of proteins in biological matrices, the development of biological reference materials will continue to grow in importance.
Determination of Stevioside and Rebaudioside A in Stevia leaves, beverages and food additives using HPTLC-MS
HPTLC-MS was used to analyze stevioside and rebaudioside in artificial sweeteners, stevia plants, cola and isotonic drinks with a minimum of sample preparation.
A Comparison of Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Products Used to Purify Peanut Paste Extract for Aflatoxin Analysis
Supel Tox AflaZea SPE produced exceptional analyte recoveries with good reproducibility for all aflatoxins while requiring less than half the sample volume required by competing products.HPLC analysis of all spiked samples after SPE cleanup showed that all compared SPE cartridges
Chiral and Achiral LC-MS Analysis of Warfarin™ in Plasma Samples
Clinical laboratories are beginning to reap the benefits of LC-MS in terms of its sensitivity, specificity, throughput, and potential to reduce cost per sample. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the LC-MS analysis of Warfarin in plasma samples
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