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Supel™ BioSPME 96-Pin Devices

For a 3x Faster Workflow compared to Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis Methods

Supel™ BioSPME 96-Pin Devices were developed to greatly improve upon the speed and simplicity compared with current sample preparation techniques employed for plasma protein binding studies and other free analyte analyses. This new and innovative technology targets the stringent specifications and quality levels needed by bioanalytical laboratories today. 

Video: SUPEL™ BIOSPME 96-Pin Devices for LC-MS Analysis

Primary Benefits of Supel™ BioSPME Devices

  • 3x faster workflow compared to rapid equilibrium dialysis based methods
  • Universal 96-pin format, compatible with standard consumables and automation
  • Simple workflow compliant to total automation or manual operation
  • Complete removal of phospholipids, unlike rapid equilibrium dialysis based methods
  • Accuracy and precision comparable to equilibrium dialysis and rapid equilibrium dialysis data
  • Proven reproducibility across batches as well as across each 96-sample device

Want to see the Supel™ BioSPME 96-Pin Device in action? Read our Application Note.

A comparison of protein binding values between Supel™ BioSPME and rapid equilibrium dialysis methods

Supel™ BioSPME 96-pin devices were directly compared with rapid equilibrium dialysis as this is often considered the standard approach for plasma protein binding determination. Supel™ BioSPME offers accurate results with a 3x faster workflow, as shown in the data generated from our analysis involving their direct comparison with rapid equilibrium dialysis. The blue lines indicate the protein binding range of values from the literature. And, the compounds shown with star marks are charged at physiological pH.

Supel™ BioSPME 96-pin devices comparison with rapid equilibrium dialysis

Supel™ BioSPME 96-pin devices offer many advantages over the rapid equilibrium dialysis workflow. They provide better time savings, sample cleanliness, and a more simplified workflow, while still maintaining the same high standards of accuracy and reproducibility required by the bioanalytical laboratories performing these workflows. For better and detailed results, download our app note comparing Supel™ BioSPME Vs rapid equilibrium dialysis method. In addition, Supel™ BioSPME devices offers the flexibility of using either a fully automated method or manual method, to suit the needs and capabilities of your lab.

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