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Webinar: SygRNA®-Synthetic Two Part CRISPR RNA System


The CRISPR/Cas genome editing system has revolutionized most every aspect of the life science industry. Until recently, the most used formats for this technology have been plasmids, mRNA, or lentivirus. Each reagent has been successful in its own right, however, each approach has limitations. SygRNA®, the two-part synthetic crRNA and tracrRNA, increases the pace of research, decreases costs, and can be used with Cas9 protein, Cas9 mRNA and Cas9 expressing cells/models.

This webinar discusses the development of the SygRNA® system, protocol optimization, and proposes workflows that enable scientists to quickly incorporate CRISPR technologies into their research.

What Will You Learn?

  • SygRNA® is a cost effective, fast and efficient tool for gene editing.
  • SygRNA® alleviates issues associated with random integration and observed stress/toxicity.
  • SygRNA® removes the need for cloning and careful promoter choice.
  • SygRNA® negates post IVT sgRNA sequencing.
  • SygRNA® can be used with multiple formats of Cas9 protein.
  • SygRNA® can be chemically modified.
  • SygRNA® production can be scaled up easily.
Gurpreet Balrey