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Proficiency Testing: Ensuring Accurate Laboratory Results


What will you learn:

  • How to demonstrate your laboratory's compliance with proficiency testing
  • How to show your customers and auditors your correct use of the instruments
  • More about qNMR, Raman, and qPCR testing of SARS-CoV-2


Dr. Markus Obkircher


Director R&D, Head of Reference Materials and Proficiency Testing

Dr. Markus Obkircher has 25+ years experience in analytical and organic chemistry, and he has participated in chemistry research with the groups of Andrew Myers (Harvard University) and Bernd Giese (University of Basel). Since 2013, he has been responsible for R&D of high quality reference materials and proficiency testing at Merck. His experience also includes Metrology, ISO accreditation and certification processes, GMP, GLP for the synthesis of APIs as well as syntheses in solution and on solid support in mg to kg scale and various isolation and purification methods.

Tomasz Dziedzic


Scientist, Proficiency Testing R&D

Tomasz Dziedzic has seven years of experience in reference materials production and proficiency testing. He is specialized in analytical techniques, chromatographic instrumentation, including HPLC and GC, and quantitation and qualification techniques (RS, KF, LOD, MP, BP, RI, TOC, FTIR, Raman, OR, TOF, titration). He is responsible for developing and evaluating new Proficiency Testing products as well as technical support for internal and external customers. Dziedzic holds a Master's degree in Analytical Testing from University of Wyoming.