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General description

The SygRNA modified synthetic RNA system recruits WT SpCas9, eSpCas9, dCas9, or Cas9D10A to specific genomic targets. 2′ O-methyl and phosphothioate modifications have been incorporated to enhance the stability and performance of the synthetic RNA. The modified tracrRNA (trans-activating crRNA) binds to a crRNA (CRISPR RNA) and the resulting crRNA-tracrRNA complex guides SpCas9 and SpCas9 variant proteins to crRNA-specified sites in the genome. SygRNA modified synthetic tracrRNA and crRNAs are optimized for use with a variety of Cas9 expressing cell lines, Cas9 proteins, or Cas9 mRNAs and are compatible with a delivery methods such as microinjection, lipofection, and electroporation.


Functional Genomics/Target Validation/Transgenics

  • Creation of gene knockouts in multiple cell lines
  • Complete knockout of genes not amenable to RNAi
  • Creation of knock-in cell lines with promoters, fusion tags, or reporters integrated into endogenous genes
  • Generation of transgenic animals via embryo microinjection or electroporation

Features and Benefits

HPLC-purified SygRNA modified tracrRNA oligo is optimized for use with a target-specific crRNA or modified crRNA and a source of SpCas9 protein for genome editing applications.


The SygRNA Cas9 tracrRNA oligo is used in conjunction with a target-specific crRNA and a source of Cas9 protein to form active RNP complexes.

Visit to to review available Cas9 sources.

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Preparation Note

Resuspend SygRNA modified tracrRNA oligo in a RNAase-free Tris-containing buffer with a pH 8.0 or less.

Legal Information

SygRNA is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC


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Watch Cas9-GFP proteins work inside your cells and deliver the powerful nuclease editing you have come to trust and expect. MISSION™ SpCas9-GFP and eSpCas9-GFP proteins are multi-functional enzymes with high on-target cleavage efficiency fused to Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein (EGFP) for real-time observation of Cas9 delivery and clearance from cells.

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