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ISO 11133 Culture Media Quality Assurance


ISO 11133:2014 is a mandatory standard for all ISO 17025-accredited labs for microbiological analysis of food, feed and water. It is also widely used by non-accredited labs. ISO 11133 and its latest amendments describes the preparation, production and performance testing of culture media from this whole area. Since its publication as a full ISO standard for food and water microbiology, it has been implemented in many labs, but still there are many open questions for the daily lab work.

This webinar gives practical tips for daily handling of culture media including preparation, shelf-life testing, microbiological and physical performance testing amongst other topics.

Discover our new regulatory training for culture media preparation and performance testing (PDF)


Barbara Gerten


Barbara Gerten is a microbiologist with many years of industry experience who has been at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, since 2008. She is a member of several ISO/CEN committees including ISO Working Groups e.g. “Culture Media” and “Quality control of membrane filters” and she is also Chair of the German DIN NAL Working Group “Microbiology in the Food Chain”.

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