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KitAlysis High-Throughput 24-Catalyst Photoredox Reaction Screening Kit-Pack of 2


reaction suitability

reagent type: catalyst
reaction type: Cross Couplings


Screening kit for photocatalytic reactions to be used with Photo KitAlysis Starter Kit. Step-by-step user guide is provided in the below hyperlink.
Step-by-Step Guide for Photocatalysis Reaction Screening Kit

Each kit contains 2 customizable screening sets that include the following components:
  • 24 pre-weighed catalysts in glass vials loaded with stir bars and topped with cap mat
  • 4 degassed anhydrous solvents (DCM, DCE, DMF, MeCN)
  • 1 NEW KitAlysis 24-Well Reaction Block Replacement Film
  • 4 empty substrate stock solution reaction vials with stirbars
  • 1 internal standard

For use Photo KitAlysis High-Throughput Screen Platform (sold seperately)

Best when used with KitAlysis Benchtop Inertion Box (sold separately).

  • Designed and tested by synthetic chemists
  • Easily run 24-microscale reactions in parallel
  • 10 μmol reactions with 1 μmol catalyst, 0.1 M concentration
  • Customizable Excel Template for quick calculations and easy incorporation into electronic laboratory notebooks

Legal Information

KitAlysis is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Kit Components Also Available Separately

Product No.

  • 224758Tris(2,2′-bipyridyl)dichlororuthenium(II) hexahydrate, powder

  • 232017Tetrachloro-1,4-benzoquinone, 99%

  • 2723452,4,6-Triphenylpyrylium tetrafluoroborate, 98%

  • 318337Acridine Orange hydrochloride hydrate, ≥98% (HPLC)

  • 333190Bismuth(III) sulfide, 99%

  • 343714Dichlorotris(1,10-phenanthroline)ruthenium(II) hydrate, 98%

  • 4598529,10-Anthracenedicarbonitrile, 97%

  • 46955Fluorescein, for fluorescence, free acid

  • 637017Bismuth(III) oxide, nanopowder, 90-210 nm particle size, 99.8% trace metals basis

  • 688096Tris[2-phenylpyridinato-C2,N]iridium(III), 97%

  • 747769[Ir(dtbbpy)(ppy)2]PF6

  • 747777[Ru(bpz)3][PF6]2, 95%

  • 747785[Ru(bpm)3][Cl]2

  • 747793(Ir[dF(CF3)ppy]2(dtbpy))PF6

  • 7932219-Mesityl-10-phenylacridinium tetrafluoroborate

  • 7938769-Mesityl-2,7-dimethyl-10-phenylacridinium tetrafluoroborate

  • 7941719-Mesityl-10-methylacridinium tetrafluoroborate

  • 804215[Ir{dFCF3ppy}2(bpy)]PF6

  • 9004219-Mesityl-3,6-di-tert-butyl-10-phenylacridinium tetrafluoroborate, ≥95%

  • 9006922,4,6-Tris(4-methoxyphenyl)pyrylium tetrafluoroborate

  • 9006939-Mesityl-1,3,6,8-tetramethoxy-10-phenylacridin-10-ium tetrafluoroborate, 95%

  • 90069410-(3,5-Dimethoxyphenyl)-9-mesityl-1,3,6,8-tetramethoxyacridin-10-ium tetrafluoroborate, ≥95%

  • D604002,3-Dichloro-5,6-dicyano-p-benzoquinone, 98%

  • P2508Proflavine hemisulfate salt hydrate, powder

  • 900633Dichloromethane, anhydrous, contains 40-150 ppm amylene as stabilizer, ZerO2®, ≥99.8%

  • 9006371,2-Dichloroethane, anhydrous, ZerO2®, 99.8%

  • 900638N,N-Dimethylformamide, anhydrous, ZerO2®, 99.8%

  • 900644Acetonitrile, anhydrous, ZerO2®, 99.8%

  • B34656Biphenyl, ReagentPlus®, 99.5%

  • Z118850Spinbar® magnetic stirring fleas, red, L 10 mm, diam. 3 mm

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Signal Word


Hazard Classifications

Acute Tox. 3 Inhalation - Acute Tox. 3 Oral - Acute Tox. 4 Dermal - Aquatic Acute 1 - Aquatic Chronic 1 - Asp. Tox. 1 - Carc. 1B - Eye Irrit. 2 - Flam. Liq. 2 - Muta. 2 - Repr. 1B - Skin Irrit. 2 - STOT RE 2 Oral

Target Organs


Supplementary Hazards

Storage Class Code

3 - Flammable liquids



Flash Point(F)

35.6 °F - closed cup

Flash Point(C)

2.0 °C - closed cup

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin


Kitalysis Photoreactor controller

The Photo KitAlysis Photoreactor Controller allows you maximum control of photocatalysis reactions.

KitAlysis™ High-Throughput Photocatalysis Reaction Screening Kit

The PhotoKitAlysis Reaction Kit was designed to provide the best possible chance of finding good reaction conditions for cross-coupling reactions: pre-weighed base or base solution (provided), 10–20 mmol coupling partner (user supplied), 10 mmol aryl halide substrate (user supplied), Catalysts (user supplied), 6 solvents (toluene, DMA. THJF, n-butanol, MeOH, MeCN) (provided).


Step-by-Step Guide for KitAlysis™ High-Throughput Photocatalysis Reaction Screening Kit

Materials and procedure Step-by-Step Guide for Photocatalysis High-Throughput Reaction Screening Kit

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