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Protein A Antibody Purification Kit

sufficient for 10 purifications



sufficient for 10 purifications

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General description

The Protein A Antibody Purification Kit provides all of the reagents necessary to isolate monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.


Capacity/Run (by Species)
Human IgG 20-25 mg
Mouse IgG1 8-12 mg
Mouse IgG2a 10-15 mg
Mouse IgG2b 6-10 mg
Mouse IgG3 15-20 mg
Rabbit IgG 8-12 mg
Goat IgG 2-4 mg
Bovine IgG 8-12 mg


1 kit


PURE-1A offers Protein A technology in a prepackaged, easy to use kit form. With this kit, milligram quantities of IgG can be purified from serum, ascites, or cell culture supernatants.
Purification of IgG from other species may be possible, however, the researcher will have to determine the suitability of the kit for their application.
The Protein A Antibody Purification Kit is suitable for use with IgGs from human, mouse, rabbit, goat, and bovine species.

Features and Benefits

  • High capacity - purify up to 8 mg of mouse IgG or 25 mg of human IgG per column run
  • Specific - will only bind IgG
  • Easy to use - antibody is eluted and desalted in a single step, ready to use
  • Gentle - avoids prolonged exposure of the antibody to low pH


Using our cartridge system, antibodies elute as highly purified proteins at physiological pH. Protein A is a powerful tool for isolation of antibodies from mammalian hosts. Protein A exhibits a high degree of specificity for IgG and ensures an antibody preparation virtually free of IgA, IgM and non-immunoglobulin serum proteins such as albumin.

Kit Components Only

Product No.

  • Binding Buffer 225 mL

  • Desalting Cartridge 1 ea

  • Elution Buffer 75 mL

  • HEPES Buffer 225 mL

  • 5 ml Syringe 1

  • 10 ml Syringe 1

  • Protein A Cartridge 1 mL

  • Regeneration Buffer 75 mL

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