Stable Isotopes

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ISOTEC® Stable Isotopes are stable isotope compounds, ranging from gases to complex molecules. These compounds are useful for tracer studies in proteomics and metabolomics, agents for MRI / MRS, and in a wide range of other biomedical applications. 

Both tracer and flux studies benefit from stable isotope label assistance. Metabolic pathways can be studied by tracking naturally-occurring and disease-indicated metabolites. Additionally, the effects of exogeneous substances or perturbations on the metabolome can be elucidated with the use of our stable isotope-labeled internal standards coupled with mass spectroscopy determination.  

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Applications for Stable Isotopes

The use of our stable isotope-labeled compounds in metabolic and nutritional studies provides a means to dissect biochemical pathways. The availability of isotopically labeled compounds for basic scientific research permits the examination of the role of metabolic pathways in maintaining physiological states. In vivo studies using stable isotope labeled metabolites reveal important aspects of metabolism, including pathways and flux.

An important tool for high-resolution structure determination by NMR spectroscopy is the use of stable isotope-labeled biomolecules. By either selectively or uniformly incorporating stable isotopes into proteins, investigators can reduce the complexity of their spectra significantly. 13C, 15N, and deuterium are the most common isotopes incorporated into proteins through microbial expression systems, peptide synthesis, or with cell-free extracts.

The use of stable isotope compounds in medical imaging, in conjunction with 13C-MRS in vivo techniques, provides a method to explore fluxes through energy-related metabolic pathways for early diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, cancer, and other diseases.

For these and many other applications, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of isotope labeled carbohydrates, amino acids, protected amino acids, metabolites, fatty acids, vitamins, steroids, other biologically-active compounds, and cell culture media and components. We also provide isotopically-labeled synthetic building blocks for researchers who prefer to make their own compounds. With our expertise in isotope synthesis, we stand ready to provide custom compounds for all of your specific needs.

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