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Drug Delivery Formulations and Technologies

Step-by-step Instructions for Nanoformulation Development

Drug delivery formulation and particle synthesis made simple

Drug delivery formulations are essential for the delivery, efficacy and stability of many active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and have become exceedingly important with recent advancements in therapeutics, including mRNA vaccines and other nucleic acids.

Our NanoFabTx™ formulation kits are designed for facile and reproducible synthesis of nano- to micro-sized drug-loaded particles. Detailed protocols with step-by-step instructions are provided for nanoformulation development, eliminating the need for lengthy trial-and-error optimization. NanoFabTx™ formulation kits and lipid mixes can be used with traditional nanoprecipitation or extrusion methods or can be combined with the NanoFabTx™ microfluidic device kits for rapid synthesis of well-defined drug delivery particles.

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Potential applications of our NanoFabTx™ platform include:

  • Delivery of small molecules and nucleic acids
  • Screening and selection of optimal formulations for liposomes, nanoparticles, and microparticles
  • Optimal particle size control and determination
  • Drug-loading capacity and efficiency optimization
Illustrated NanoFabTx™ drug-encapsulated nanoparticle for small molecule delivery.

NanoFabTx™ Polymer Drug Formulation Kits for Drug-Encapsulated Particles Synthesis

Our NanoFabTx™ Drug Formulation Kits are designed to prepare specifically-sized polymeric micro- and nanoparticles for small molecule drug delivery. Each kit contains rationally selected polymers developed and tested by our formulation scientists. Our NanoFabTx™ Formulation Screening Kits make polymer selection and optimization easy by providing multiple polymers to choose from including PEGylated and non-PEGylated biodegradable polymers PLA, PLGA, and PCL.

Illustrated NanoFabTX™ nucleic acid-encapsulated liposome for gene delivery.

NanoFabTx™ Lipid Mixes for Liposome Production

Liposomes are widely used for a range of therapeutics including small molecules, nucleic acids (mRNA, siRNA, DNA), proteins, and peptides. Our NanoFabTx™ lipid formulation mixes are curated lipid blends for liposome preparation. We offer a variety of lipid mixes to best suit your nanoformulation needs including PEGylated, cationic, and functionalized liposomes.

Illustrated NanoFabTX™ microfluidic chip to synthesize micro and nanoparticles, lipid nanoparticles, and liposomes for drug delivery.

NanoFabTx™ Microfluidic Device Kits for Polymeric and Lipid Nanoparticle Synthesis

Microfluidic devices provide a platform for rapid and reproducible microparticle, nanoparticle, lipid nanoparticle, and liposome fabrication. Unlike traditional methods, microfluidics-based nanoparticle synthesis results in controlled particle size and small size distribution and can easily be scaled up to produce larger batch sizes needed for preclinical trials.

Our NanoFabTx™ microfluidic device kits include a pre-assembled microfluidic glass chip, tubing and accessories and can be directly connected to a syringe pump or pressurized pump system, such as Dolomite Microfluidics Mitos P-Pump. The NanoFabTx™ microfluidic device kits are designed to work together with our NanoFabTx™ drug formulation kits and lipid mixes.

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