Gut human microbiome research.

Microbiome refers to the collective genomes or genetic material of microbes. The human microbiome refers to the collection of microbiomes of the human body, which varies considerably from one person to another and among different anatomical sites. Factors that can influence the microbiome include diet, lifestyle, genetics, anatomical site, antibiotics and pathogens. Explore our rich offering of Microbiome products and services below.

Microbiome Research

In the emerging field of microbiome research, scientists are challenged to identify and characterize unknown microbes that can be difficult to isolate, culture and study. Applications of human, animal, and environmental microbiome analyses have the potential to improve the discovery of new therapeutic and natural products. Our scientists are creating new solutions to help you culture and identify microbes for your microbiome research workflow.

To enable the discovery of novel microbes, we offer:

  • MetaPolyzme for digestion of difficult microbes and isolation of total DNA
  • DNA-free enzymes for contamination-free analysis
  • Antibodies highly specific to bacteria and bacterial components
  • Individual DNA standards and inactivated bacteria to avoid bias and increase reproducibility


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Microbial Media

Microorganisms have diverse nutritional requirements, differing metabolisms, are inhibited by different compounds, and can be detected with different indicator systems. Selective media allow the growth of only certain species or a group of microogranisms, while unselective media promote growth of a broad range of organisms. Media with a differentiation system are to identify or at least to differentiate microorganisms among each other. For microbial community characterization and DNA preparation, we offer a wide array of microbial media and raw materials.

Microbiome Standards

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology has created the ability to sequence microbe DNA in large volumes leading to complex microbiome sample analysis. In order to avoid bias in microbiome analysis, standardization must take center stage. Standardization is an important part of the future of microbiome and metagenomic research to generate accurate and valid data.

We offer a growing list of stand-alone individual microbial DNA and inactivated bacteria microbiome standards that are suitable for PCR, sequencing and NGS. These convenient, ready-to-use individual standards add value by allowing a specific customized control. These economical standards support microbiomics or meta-genomics workflows by increasing reproducibility and allowing reliable comparison of results lab to lab.

Microbiome Antibodies

Our microbiome antibodies portfolio includes highly specific anti bacteria and anti-bacterial components (e.g. toxins, unique proteins and lipopolysaccharides) antibodies. The antibodies are suitable to be used in various applications in order to detect and isolate specific bacteria. Our antibodies are suitable for various applications including: ELISA, WB, imaging and isolation.

DNA-Free Enzymes for Microbiome Research

The study of microbial communities has been revolutionized in recent years by the widespread adoption of culture independent analytical techniques such as 16S rRNA gene sequencing and metagenomics. Since DNA contamination during sample preparation is a major problem of these sequence-based approaches, DNA extraction reagents free of DNA contaminates are essential. Purified enzymes undergo strict quality control testing to ensure they will be free of DNA contaminants, suitable for Microbiome research.

Microbiome DNA Purification Kits

In order to study the role of microbiota in human, animal, and environmental health, accurate and reproducible microbial data must be obtained. A crucial step in this process is to apply an appropriate methodology to extract microbial DNA. Setting up the optimal DNA isolation procedure is critical for robustness and reproducibility of the results. Inaccurate DNA extraction may result in microbial misrepresentation. Our offering of DNA purification kits provides convenient and rapid methods to isolate high-quality and high yield microbial DNA from samples.

Metagenomics Software Platform

Our Microbiome integrated services solution offers identification of microbiota using 16S amplicon sequencing (for species-level specificity) and shotgun metagenomic sequencing (for strain-level specificity and functional studies). Forthcoming updates will include metabolic profiling for the identification and relative quantification of metabolites, by screening targeted panels or untargeted metabolomics. The Metagenomic Software Platform is a cloud-based, intuitive software tool that does not require annual licenses or complicated downloads. This platform offers the following features:

  • Standardized and updated sequencing databases to choose from, including a proprietary 16S database (V3-V4 region)
  • Key criteria selection for QC processing of sequencing data
  • Statistical and graphical analysis of microbiome communities
  • Tools for taxonomic classification of bacteria within a single sample to inter-sample comparative analysis

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