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Cell Lysis Buffers & Protein Extraction Reagents

Isolation and purification of proteins require cell lysis through the disruption of cells or tissue samples and protein extraction of the relevant protein fraction. This step is critical as processing methods can affect the target protein’s integrity and activity, or otherwise expose it to degradative conditions. Explore cell lysis buffers, protein extraction kits and reagents, and enhancers like extraction enzymes for your specific cell types and application needs.

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RIPA buffer for Cell Lysis

Radioimmunoprecipitation assay (RIPA) buffer is used for rapid cell lysis and solubilization of proteins from both adherent and suspension cultured mammalian cells. RIPA cell lysis buffer enables efficient cell lysis and protein solubilization while avoiding protein degradation and interference with immunoreactivity and biological activity. RIPA buffer also minimizes non-specific protein binding interactions to ensure low background in immunoprecipitation and molecular pull-down assays.


BugBuster® protein extraction reagents

BugBuster® protein extraction reagents are optimized for protein extraction from E. coli under non-denaturing conditions. 

BugBuster® Master Mix combines the BugBuster® bacterial protein extraction reagent with Benzonase® nuclease and rLysozyme™ solution for convenient, all-in-one protein extraction and nucleic acid digestion. 


CelLytic™ lysis reagents

CelLytic™ lysis reagents are specifically formulated to lyse and extract cellular proteins under non-denaturing conditions based on the cell or tissue type and target protein localization.


PopCulture® reagents

PopCulture® reagents enable protein extraction from cells directly in the culture medium with no centrifugation required. Insect PopCulture® reagent lyses insect cells directly in serum-free medium and is ideal for expression screening of many small samples.


Enhancers: Extraction enzymes and other reagents

  • rLysozyme™ solution: Enzymatically cleaves bonds in the peptidoglycan layer of bacteria to break through the cell wall for lysis or spheroplast prep, especially effective against gram positive species.
  • Achromopeptidase: bacteriolytic serine protease, for the lysis of gram-positive bacteria resistant to lysozyme.
  • Lyticase: enzymatically cleaves yeast cell wall β-glucan layers allowing for access to cell contents. Digestion of the outer layer helps prepare spheroplasts for lysis or transformation.
  • Chitinase: Cell wall digestion is performed safely by chitin degradation in fungi and other organisms.
  • Multi-lytic mixture: MetaPolyzyme, a mixture of 6 enzymes for tough-to-lyse samples.
  • DNA-free lytic enzymes: for low biomass samples sensitive to microbial DNA contamination.
  • Benzonase® nuclease: degrades all types of nucleic acid for more efficient protein extraction, to reduce viscosity and assay interference allowing for accurate sample handling and faster chromatography. Learn more on our Q&A page.
  • Lysonase™ bio-processing reagent: convenient mixture of rLysozyme™ solution and Benzonase® nuclease minimizes pipetting steps.
  • ExoPolyzyme: For enzymatic lysis of extracellular biofilm matrix, is a mixture of 7 enzymes that break down different components residing in ECM, such as EPS’s and lipids.

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