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T Bächi et al.
Scandinavian journal of immunology, 6(3), 241-246 (1977-01-01)
Protein A (pA) of Staphylococcus aureus, by virtue of its reactivity with the Fc portion of a variety of mammalian immumoglobulins (IgG), can be used for electron-microscopical immunoferritin techniques. The conjugation of pA with ferritin (pA-F) by means of bis(4-fluoro-3-nitrophenyl)
Yujie Xia et al.
Pharmaceutical research, 31(11), 3201-3210 (2014-05-17)
Pulsatile delivery of proteins, in which release occurs over a short time after a period of little or no release, is desirable for many applications. This paper investigates the effect of biodegradable polymer shell thickness on pulsatile protein release from
Joshua O Sestak et al.
The AAPS journal, 16(6), 1185-1193 (2014-09-07)
Presentation of antigen with immune stimulating "signal" has been a cornerstone of vaccine design for decades. Here, the antigen plus immune "signal" of vaccines is modified to produce antigen-specific immunotherapies (antigen-SITs) that can potentially reprogram the immune response toward tolerance
Hyo Jin Kang et al.
Biosensors & bioelectronics, 67, 413-418 (2014-09-15)
Caspase-3 is an apoptotic cysteine protease and its aberrancy is highly implicated to numerous diseases thereby rendering caspase-3 activity as an important disease marker. Most caspase-3 sensors are caspase-3 substrates of which the fluorescence signals are turned on upon catalytic
Victoria Leszczak et al.
ACS applied materials & interfaces, 6(12), 9328-9337 (2014-05-29)
In the design of scaffolds for tissue engineering biochemical function and nanoscale features are of particular interest. Natural polymers provide a wealth of biochemical function, but do not have the processability of synthetic polymers, limiting their ability to mimic the
Małgorzata Cebo et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 406(30), 8013-8020 (2014-10-31)
Isotope exchange at the histidine C2 atom of imidazole in D2O solution is well known to occur at a significantly slower rate than the exchange of amide protons. Analysis of the kinetics of this isotope-exchange reaction is proposed herein as
Yu-Xin Xu et al.
Journal of lipid research, 56(2), 266-276 (2014-12-22)
Perlecan is a major heparan sulfate (HS) proteoglycan in the arterial wall. Previous studies have linked it to atherosclerosis. Perlecan contains a core protein and three HS side chains. Its core protein has five domains (DI-DV) with disparate structures and
Mom Khay et al.
Natural product communications, 7(10), 1259-1262 (2012-11-20)
The extracts of five Cambodian medicinal plants (Aganosma marginata, Dracaena cambodiana, Harrisonia perforata, Hymenodictyon excelsum and Vernonia cinerea) were evaluated in vitro for their cytotoxic activity against HT29 colon adenocarcinoma cells and HepG2 hepatoma cells, using the MTT assay. Among
K M Osten et al.
Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003), 44(13), 6126-6139 (2015-03-03)
A series of (±)- and (R,R)-tridentate diamino, ortho/para disubstituted phenolate proligands H(NNO(R)) with various phenolate substituents was synthesized and used to prepare indium dichloride complexes (NNO(R))InCl2via salt metathesis of the deprotonated ligands with indium trichloride. These complexes are dinuclear in
Jason D Wink et al.
Plastic and reconstructive surgery, 134(1), 51-59 (2014-03-14)
Commercially available recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 2 (rhBMP2) has demonstrated efficacy in bone regeneration, but not without significant side effects. The authors used rhBMP2 encapsulated in poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) microspheres placed in a rabbit cranial defect model to test
Shannon L Haughney et al.
Nanoscale, 6(22), 13770-13778 (2014-10-07)
Acute respiratory infections represent a significant portion of global morbidity and mortality annually. There is a critical need for efficacious vaccines against respiratory pathogens. To vaccinate against respiratory disease, pulmonary delivery is an attractive route because it mimics the route
Agnieszka Kucharska et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 406(26), 6665-6675 (2014-08-31)
Flame retardants (FRs), such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and phosphate flame retardants (PFRs), are a diverse group of compounds that are used to improve fire safety in many consumer products, such as furniture, textiles, electronics, etc. As these compounds
Lu Zhang et al.
Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces, 122, 260-269 (2014-07-25)
In order to enhance the antitumor effects of doxorubicin (DOX), a novel micellar vector with high DOX loading and tumor targeting function based on folate-conjugated amphiphilic copolymer folate-poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(d,l-lactide)-β-cyclodextrin (FA-PEL-CD) was constructed. Cytotoxicity and cellular uptake experiments were performed in
Qing Lan et al.
Carcinogenesis, 36(1), 160-167 (2014-11-14)
Formaldehyde (FA) is an economically important industrial chemical to which millions of people worldwide are exposed environmentally and occupationally. Recently, the International Agency for Cancer Research concluded that there is sufficient evidence that FA causes leukemia, particularly myeloid leukemia. To
Daniel J Rubin et al.
ACS nano, 9(3), 3360-3368 (2015-03-12)
The rigid geometry and tunable chemistry of D,L-cyclic peptides makes them an intriguing building-block for the rational design of nano- and microscale hierarchically structured materials. Herein, we utilize a combination of electron microscopy, nanomechanical characterization including depth sensing-based bending experiments
Sonika Batra et al.
Biomedical chromatography : BMC, 28(6), 815-825 (2014-05-28)
Enantiomeric separation of racemic mexiletine and fluoxetine was achieved using three chiral derivatizing reagents (CDRs) based on (S)-naproxen. Diastereomers were synthesized by reaction of mexiletine or fluoxetine with the CDRs and were separated on a C18 column under reversed-phase conditions
Fan Meng et al.
European journal of pharmaceutical sciences : official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences, 71, 12-24 (2015-02-18)
Curcumin (CUR) was used as a poorly soluble drug whereas polyvinyl pyrrolidone K90 (PVP), Eudragit EPO (EPO), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose E5 (HPMC) and polyethylene glycol 8000 (PEG) were used as hydrophilic polymers. CUR polymer miscibility was evaluated by solubility parameter, melting
Jakub Vysloužil et al.
Acta pharmaceutica (Zagreb, Croatia), 64(4), 403-417 (2014-12-23)
The main objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of the formulation and process parameters on PLGA microparticles containing a practically insoluble model drug (ibuprofen) prepared by the o/w solvent evaporation method. Multivariate data analysis was used. The
Daishun Ling et al.
ACS nano, 8(8), 8027-8039 (2014-08-06)
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has one of the worst prognoses for survival as it is poorly responsive to both conventional chemotherapy and mechanism-directed therapy. This results from a lack of therapeutic concentration in the tumor tissue coupled with the highly toxic
Jérôme Cotton et al.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 62(46), 11335-11345 (2014-10-31)
Analytical methods for food control are mainly focused on restricted lists of well-known contaminants. This paper shows that liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry (LC/ESI-HRMS) associated with the data mining tools developed for metabolomics can address this issue by enabling (i) targeted
Daniel T Bowers et al.
ACS nano, 8(12), 12080-12091 (2014-11-27)
Oxygenation in tissue scaffolds continues to be a limiting factor in regenerative medicine despite efforts to induce neovascularization or to use oxygen-generating materials. Unfortunately, many established methods to measure oxygen concentration, such as using electrodes, require mechanical disturbance of the
Kai Yu et al.
Environmental technology, 36(5-8), 1008-1015 (2014-10-18)
The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in crumb tyre rubber were firstly degraded under UV irradiation in the presence of rutile TiO2 and hydrogen peroxide. The effects of light intensity, catalyst amount, oxidant amount, initial pH value, co-solvent content, and reaction
David G Belair et al.
Biomacromolecules, 15(6), 2038-2048 (2014-04-30)
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) activity is highly regulated via sequestering within the ECM and cell-demanded proteolysis to release the sequestered VEGF. Numerous studies have demonstrated that VEGF activity mediates cellular events leading to angiogenesis and capillary formation in vivo.
Meredith C Schuman et al.
eLife, 4 (2015-04-16)
Plants are at the trophic base of terrestrial ecosystems, and the diversity of plant species in an ecosystem is a principle determinant of community structure. This may arise from diverse functional traits among species. In fact, genetic diversity within species
Yunxia Jiang et al.
International journal of pharmaceutics, 475(1-2), 475-484 (2014-09-16)
The purpose of this study was to develop a sustained-release drug delivery system based on the injectable PLGA microspheres loaded with andrographolide. The andrographolide loaded PLGA microspheres were prepared by emulsion solvent evaporation method with optimization of formulation using response
Naghmeh Soltani et al.
The Science of the total environment, 505, 712-723 (2014-12-03)
This study investigates trace elements and PAHs content in road dust of Isfahan metropolis, central Iran. The mean concentrations of As, Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, Sb and Zn are 22.15, 2.14, 182.26, 66.63, 393.33, 6.95 and 707.19 mg kg(-1), respectively.
Marco Parolini et al.
Journal of hazardous materials, 285, 1-10 (2014-12-03)
Synthetic musk compounds (SMCs) are extensively used as fragrances in several personal care products and have been recognized as emerging aquatic pollutants. Among SMCs, galaxolide (HHCB) and tonalide (AHTN) are extensively used and have been measured in aquatic ecosystems worldwide.
Wojciech Prus et al.
The Science of the total environment, 518-519, 266-279 (2015-03-17)
The organic contamination of Antarctic soils and terrestrial sediments from nearby of five polar scientific stations on King George Island (Antarctica) was investigated. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) was applied to find composition of dichloromethane extracts of soil and terrestrial sediments.
Yu Zhang et al.
Environmental science and pollution research international, 21(16), 9468-9476 (2013-08-15)
Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEOs) with low ethoxylation degree (NPav₂EO; containing two ethoxy units on average) and estrogenic properties are the intermediate products of nonionic surfactant NPEOs. To better understand the environmental fate of low-ethoxylated NPEOs, phylogenetically diverse low-ethoxylated NPEO-degrading bacteria were
Abd Almonem Doolaanea et al.
Journal of microencapsulation, 31(6), 600-608 (2014-04-05)
The aim of this study is to investigate the cell uptake of Nigella sativa oil (NSO)-PLGA microparticle by neuron-like PC-12 cells in comparison to surfactants; hydrophilic (Tween 80 & Triton X100) and hydrophobic (Span 80). Solvent evaporation was used to
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