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Dániel Zámbó et al.
Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany), 16(16), e1906934-e1906934 (2020-03-13)
3D nanoparticle assemblies offer a unique platform to enhance and extend the functionality and optical/electrical properties of individual nanoparticles. Especially, a self-supported, voluminous, and porous macroscopic material built up from interconnected semiconductor nanoparticles provides new possibilities in the field of...
Dong-Hui Shin et al.
Oncotarget, 6(19), 17276-17290 (2015-05-06)
Inhibitor of differentiation/DNA binding (Id)1 is a crucial regulator of mammary development and breast cancer progression. However, its effect on stemness and tumorigenesis in mammary epithelial cells remains undefined. Herein, we demonstrate that Id1 induces mammary tumorigenesis by increasing normal...
Natalia V Beloglazova et al.
Methods (San Diego, Calif.), 116, 141-148 (2017-01-28)
A sensitive tool for simultaneous qualitative detection of two mycotoxins based on use of non-cadmium quantum dots (QDs) is presented for the first time. QDs have proven themselves as promising fluorescent labels for biolabeling and chemical analysis. With an increasing...
Armando Tripodi et al.
Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine, 53(2), 265-273 (2014-08-26)
Apixaban is a newly developed direct oral anticoagulant targeting activated factor X (FXa). The degree of interference of apixaban with coagulation parameters has not been thoroughly investigated. Increasing amounts of apixaban were added to aliquots of a pooled normal plasma...
Silvia Dante et al.
ACS nano, 11(7), 6630-6640 (2017-06-09)
Nanoparticles (NPs) are increasingly used in biomedical applications, but the factors that influence their interactions with living cells need to be elucidated. Here, we reveal the role of NP surface charge in determining their neuronal interactions and electrical responses. We...
Junfeng Shi et al.
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin, 38(9), 1345-1351 (2015-09-04)
Protein kinase CK2 ("casein kinase II") is a protein serine/threonine kinase that plays critical roles in biological processes such as cell growth, cell cycle progression, and apoptosis. So far, we have identified that one catalytic isozyme of CK2, CK2α, is...
Leah Elizabeth Page et al.
The Analyst, 141(22), 6251-6258 (2016-11-01)
A quantum dot-based ratiometrically responsive fluorescent sensor for unlabeled single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) is reported. Several technical issues concerning the development of high yield ssDNA-QD conjugation chemistry were addressed. The DNA sensor was synthesized by conjugating methacrylic phosphoramidite-functional oligonucleotides to water-soluble...
Weixin Wang et al.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 63(43), 9488-9495 (2015-10-13)
The objective of this study was to investigate the ability of resveratrol and hesperetin to scavenge acrolein at pH 7.4 and 37 °C. About 6.4 or 5.2% of acrolein remained after reaction with resveratrol or hesperetin for 12 h at...
Kim De Nolf et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137(7), 2495-2505 (2015-01-30)
We investigate the relation between the chain length of ligands used and the size of the nanocrystals formed in the hot injection synthesis. With two different CdSe nanocrystal syntheses, we consistently find that longer chain carboxylic acids result in smaller...
Kirill Gorshkov et al.
ACS nano, 14(9), 12234-12247 (2020-08-28)
The first step of SARS-CoV-2 infection is binding of the spike protein's receptor binding domain to the host cell's ACE2 receptor on the plasma membrane. Here, we have generated a versatile imaging probe using recombinant Spike receptor binding domain conjugated...
Bjoern Traenkle et al.
Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP, 14(3), 707-723 (2015-01-18)
β-catenin is the key component of the canonical Wnt pathway and plays a crucial role in a multitude of developmental and homeostatic processes. The different tasks of β-catenin are orchestrated by its subcellular localization and participation in multiprotein complexes. To...
Tonye Telema Wokoma et al.
The journal of family planning and reproductive health care, 41(3), 186-192 (2014-06-12)
To determine the main reasons for termination of pregnancy (TOP) requests in a UK city. A survey requesting reasons for a pregnancy termination from women attending a TOP clinic. A TOP pre-assessment clinic in Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals, UK....
Anke Loregger et al.
Science signaling, 8(393), ra90-ra90 (2015-09-10)
Given its fundamental role in development and cancer, the Wnt-β-catenin signaling pathway is tightly controlled at multiple levels. RING finger protein 43 (RNF43) is an E3 ubiquitin ligase originally found in stem cells and proposed to inhibit Wnt signaling by...
Matteo Cargnello et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137(21), 6906-6911 (2015-05-12)
A simple yet efficient method to remove organic ligands from supported nanocrystals is reported for activating uniform catalysts prepared by colloidal synthesis procedures. The method relies on a fast thermal treatment in which ligands are quickly removed in air, before...
Michael Eck et al.
Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 16(24), 12251-12260 (2014-05-14)
We present a significant efficiency enhancement of hybrid bulk heterojunction solar cells by utilizing CdSe quantum dots attached to reduced graphene oxide (rGO) as the electron accepting phase, blended with the PCPDTBT polymer. The quantum dot attachment to rGO was...
Erik J Sheets et al.
Nanoscale, 7(45), 19317-19323 (2015-11-05)
The solution-based synthesis of nanoscale earth-abundant semiconductors has the potential to unlock simple, scalable, and tunable material processes which currently constrain development of novel compounds for alternative energy devices. One such promising semiconductor is zinc tin phosphide (ZnSnP2). We report...
Neha Arora et al.
Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 16(23), 11381-11389 (2014-05-07)
Here we present digestive ripening facilitated interatomic diffusion for the phase controlled synthesis of homogeneous intermetallic nanocrystals of Au-Sn system. Au and Sn metal nanoparticles synthesized by a solvated metal atom dispersion (SMAD) method are employed as precursors for the...
Mona Rafipoor et al.
Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, 31(34), 9441-9447 (2015-08-12)
We investigate clustered CdSe/CdS quantum dots/quantum rods, ranging from single to multiple encapsulated rods within amphiphilic diblock copolymer micelles, by time-resolved optical spectroscopy. The effect of the clustering and the cluster size on the optical properties is addressed. The clusters...
Zeke Liu et al.
Nature communications, 10(1), 1394-1394 (2019-03-29)
Metal-oxide nanocrystals doped with aliovalent atoms can exhibit tunable infrared localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPRs). Yet, the range of dopant types and concentrations remains limited for many metal-oxide hosts, largely because of the difficulty in establishing reaction kinetics that favors...
Jocelyn T L Gamler et al.
Nanoscale, 12(4), 2532-2541 (2020-01-15)
Pd-Based nanoparticles are excellent alternatives to the typically used Pt-based materials that catalyze fuel cell reactions. Specifically, Pd-based intermetallic nanomaterials have shown great promise as electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in alkaline media; however, their synthesis remains a...
Donghee Son et al.
Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.), 28(42), 9326-9332 (2016-08-30)
Large-scale colloidal synthesis and integration of uniform-sized molybdenum disulfide (MoS
Loredana Protesescu et al.
Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry, 17(5), 670-674 (2015-12-18)
Light emitters and detectors operating in the near- and mid-infrared spectral regions are important to many applications, such as telecommunications, high-resolution gas analysis, atmospheric pollution monitoring, medical diagnostics, and night vision. Various lead chalcogenides (binary, ternary, and quaternary alloys) in...
Chengquan Lu et al.
Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology, 147(2), 588-606 (2015-07-23)
Household pesticide exposure during pregnancy has been associated with a more than 2-fold increased risk in infant leukemia, and chlorpyrifos (CPF) is among the most frequently applied insecticides. During early fetal development, liver is a hematopoietic organ with majority of...
Fudong Wang et al.
ACS nano, 11(12), 12526-12535 (2017-11-29)
Crystal-phase control is one of the most challenging problems in nanowire growth. We demonstrate that, in the solution-phase catalyzed growth of colloidal cadmium telluride (CdTe) quantum wires (QWs), the crystal phase can be controlled by manipulating the reaction chemistry of...
Jewon Yoo et al.
Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.), 27(10), 1712-1717 (2015-01-24)
A simple direct-writing technique can be used to fabricate a stretchable UV-vis-NIR nanowire photodetector (NWPD) consisting of PbS quantum dot (QD)-poly(3-hexylthiopehene) (P3HT) hybrid NWs. The hybrid NWPD shows superior sensitivity and response speed in the UV-vis to NIR range. The...
Martin S Engler et al.
Analytical chemistry, 87(10), 5223-5231 (2015-04-18)
The accurate characterization of synthetic polymer sequences represents a major challenge in polymer science. Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) is frequently used for the characterization of copolymer samples. We present the COCONUT software for estimating the composition...
Jun Chen et al.
Journal of nanobiotechnology, 13, 76-76 (2015-10-30)
X-ray computed tomography (CT) imaging can be used to reveal the three-dimensional structure of deep tissue with high spatial resolution. However, it cannot reveal molecular or cellular changes, and has great limitations in terms of specificity and sensitivity. Fluorescence imaging...
Sophie Carenco et al.
Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany), 11(25), 3045-3053 (2015-03-03)
Bimetallic nanoparticle (NP) catalysts are interesting for the development of selective catalysts in reactions such as the reduction of CO2 by H2 to form hydrocarbons. Here the synthesis of Ni-Co NPs is studied, and the morphological and structural changes resulting...
E Ortmann et al.
Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH, 13(7), 1207-1216 (2015-04-24)
Viscoelastic point-of-care tests such as thromboelastography (TEG) and rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM) are increasingly used to guide hemostatic therapy after cardiac surgery. The aim of this study was to assess their clinical utility during cardiopulmonary bypass to predict postbypass coagulation status...
Yusuke Takahashi et al.
FEBS letters, 589(10), 1143-1149 (2015-03-23)
Aberrant activation of Wnt signaling contributes to ischemia-induced retinal neovascularization in oxygen-induced retinopathy (OIR), although the underlying mechanism is so far unclear. Here, we show that microRNA-184 (miR-184) is significantly down-regulated in the retina of OIR mice, and miR-184 negatively...
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