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Thin-film solid-state electroluminescent devices based on tris (2, 2 `-bipyridine) ruthenium (II) complexes
Buda, M
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 124(21), 6090-6098 (2002)
Single layer light-emitting devices with high efficiency and long lifetime based on tris (2, 2? bipyridyl) ruthenium (II) hexafluorophosphate
Rudmann H and Rubner MF
Journal of Applied Physics, 90(9), 4338-4345 (2001)
Silvia Voci et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 412(17), 4067-4075 (2020-04-29)
Nanofluidic electrochemical devices confine the volume of chemical reactions to femtoliters. When employed for light generation by electrochemiluminescence (ECL), nanofluidic confinement yields enhanced intensity and robust luminescence. Here, we investigate different ECL pathways, namely coreactant and annihilation ECL in a...
Wesley R Browne et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 125(7), 1706-1707 (2003-02-13)
The excited-state properties of the transition metal complexes tris(2,2'-bipyridine) ruthenium(II) and tris(4,7-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline) ruthenium(II) are examined using picosecond time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy. For both complexes, direct observation of a short-lived high-energy emission with a lifetime of less than 4 ps is reported....
Direct measurement of the electric-field distribution in a light-emitting electrochemical cell
Slinker JD, et al.
Testing, 6(11), 894-894 (2007)
Valentina Leandri et al.
Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry, 20(4), 618-626 (2019-01-10)
The excited state dynamics of Tris(2,2'-bipyridine)ruthenium(II) hexafluorophosphate, [Ru(bpy)3 (PF6 )2 ], was investigated on the surface of bare and sensitized TiO2 and ZrO2 films. The organic dyes LEG4 and MKA253 were selected as sensitizers. A Stern-Volmer plot of LEG4-sensitized TiO2...