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Protein concentration and buffer exchange

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Salt Selection and Buffer Preparation
The correct choice of salt and salt concentration are the most important parameters that influence capacity and final selectivity. The objective is to optimize conditions to achieve the required selectivity to bind the target protein(s) and ensure that the majority
Practical Considerations for IEX Separation
This page covers detailed aspects of each step in an IEX separation to improve resolution and overall performance.
Concentrating Large Volumes With Centricon® Plus-70 Centrifugal Filter Device
Large-volume centrifugal filter devices are a convenient alternative to stirred cell ultrafiltration devices for purifying proteins from large volumes of solution.
Protein Concentration for Large Volumes Samples
For filtering large volumes of biological solutions, we manufacture specialized equipment including centrifugal filtering devices, discs, cells and solvents.
Desalting and Buffer Exchange for Affinity Chromatography of Antibodies
Desalting at laboratory scale is a well-proven, simple, and fast method that will rapidly remove low molecular weight contaminants at the same time as transferring the sample into the desired buffer in a single step.
Protein Sample Ultrafiltration
This page discusses the principles and benefits of using ultrafiltration membranes in protein sample preparation. Possible applications include solvent exchange, protein sample concentration, or sample purification.
Amicon® Pro Purification System – Protein Purification
Protein purification is simpler with Amicon Pro. The device delivers consistent sample preparation for more reliable recovery, uncompromised purity and easier data generation.
Introduction to Concentration and Buffer Exchange using Amicon® Stirred Cells
The Amicon® Stirred Cell family of pressure-driven filtration devices provide an ideal solution for concentrating and buffer-exchanging large volumes of macrosolutes. These devices are available in multiple sizes to offer a wide range of processing volumes.