Diterpenoid and triterpenoid glycosides from Clinopodium chinense.

Natural product research (2019-05-29)
Ling-Xia Qu, Yong-Qiao Liu, Yang Wang, Hong Wang, Xue-Li Huang, Mei-Ling Zhang, Yong-Xiao Mou, Tun-Hai Xu, Yin-Di Zhu

Two new compounds, including a diterpenoid glycoside (1) and a triterpenoid glycoside (6), along with six known compounds were isolated from Clinopodium chinense. The structures of the new compounds were determined on basis of extensive spectral analysis and chemical method. Compounds 1-8 were evaluated for their insulin resistance effect and cytotoxic activity against the A549 and HepG2 cancer cell lines. None of the compounds were cytotoxic (IC50 > 100 μM), while compounds 1-3 and 5 showed the activity of ameliorating insulin resistance in HepG2.

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D-Glucose-12C6, 99.5 atom % 12C