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3S Reagents for Volumetric Titration

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Connect Your Lab

3S is an intelligent packaging solution protected with an originality seal. The cap provides information via Radio-frequency identification or RFID, enabling automated data transfer between the reagent and titration instrument. Intelligent communication for improved performance.

Titration on a new level—wet chemical analysis is made safer and more reliable by 3S Adapter Technology:

  • Safe chemical handling: minimized risk of contamination through contact-free reagent exchange
  • Smart connection of chemical consumables: communication between the 3S cap and instrument software via RFID with a visual status indicator on the system
  • Secure information transfer: Direct RFID-based transfer of reagent data to instrument software for elimination of human error.

3S Reagents are compatible with Metrohm’s OMNIS titration platform through 3S Adapter Technology.

What is 3S?

  • Safe, Smart, and Secure
  • Ready-to-use volumetric solutions sealed with 3S caps
  • RFID-chip on the cap with complete information about the content of the bottle
  • Absorber cartridge integrated in the cap

Benefits for You

  • RFID-based identification of reagent—automated and error-free
  • Complete traceability of the analyses provided
  • Aspiration tube already integrated into the bottle
  • Unique opening procedure minimizes risk of contamination
How to open a 3S reagent bottle

How to Use

  • Remove tamper evident ring and push down to open
  • Connect with a single hand movement to the Omnis liquid adapter
  • Reagent data is automatically transferred to the method

Download instructions for opening

Connect to Metrohm’s New Multi-Method System

  • Modular platform for wet chemical analysis
  • Analysis of several chemical parameters enabled on a single platform
  • Scale up from stand-alone manual instrument to powerful robotic system, enabling simultaneous work on up to four stations

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Packaging Example of 3S Reagents for Volumetric Titration