Natrix® Q Chromatography Membrane

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Our Natrix® Q chromatography membrane technology provides a new level of downstream productivity and versatility. This video helps you understand this technology and its performance & benefits for your downstream protein purification process.

If your goal is to achieve greater productivity performance and speed, along with greater processing flexibility:  Natrix® Q chromatography membrane is the compelling solution. It improves purification productivity (g/L/hr) and overcomes the limitations of traditional chromatography resins by achieving excellent impurity removal at fast flow rates without sacrificing binding capacity.

Housed in single-use devices, Natrix® Q chromatography membrane reduces purification time and eliminates the hassle of column packing, cleaning, and validation.

  • Faster, effective operations: easy-to-use, scalable single-use capsule eliminates packing, cleaning and validation for faster campaign set-up and changeovers
  • Greater purification productivity: high capacity final polishing throughput (>10kg/L)
  • Effective impurity clearance: excellent host cell protein (HCP), DNA, endotoxin and viral clearance
  • Superior operating flexibility: performs across a wide range of salt and pH conditions including phosphate buffer

Natrix® Q Membrane Promotional Program Available Until March 31, 2024

Get your Free Natrix® Q Membrane Chromatography Micro Device

Offer valid through March 31, 2024. While supplies last!

Please fill out the information below to request your Natrix® Q Micro sample (1 pack of 10 units). Entry in this promotion constitutes your acceptance of these Rules and Regulations.

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