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Solvents in returnable barrels - Maximizing efficiency and safety with our solvents in returnable barrels in your laboratory
Higher Volumes. Smart Withdrawals.

Solvent Management Solutions for Solvents in Returnable Barrels

Maximizing Efficiency and Safety with Our Solvents in Returnable Barrels in Your Laboratory
Is your solvent consumption higher than 100 l/year?
Try our solvents in returnable barrels and benefit daily from all advantages!

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New Lab Start-Up Program
Nurture Your New Lab

Accelerate your research and analytical service with the New Lab Start-Up Program, a partnership for newly formed labs to get your lab set up quickly so you can focus on your journey of discovery and analyses!

Chromatography and Reference Materials
Keen on Chromatography and Reference Materials?

Connect with our colleagues to learn more about our range of Supelco® Chromatography products and Reference Materials and receive a lab pen for labeling your laboratory stuff!

Chromatography: Zuzana Cejpkova
Reference Materials: Zuzana Antalova

Complete the short form in local language and we will get back to you with our offering to your specific request.

Chemistry Portfolio Expansion
Chemistry Portfolio Expansion

Next to our core Sigma-Aldrich® portfolio of building blocks and other synthetic reagents you now have a unique possibility to purchase in-stock chemistry from our partners via We strongly believe that our chemistry portfolio expansion will save time and money in the areas of sourcing, quoting, ordering, supply chain/delivery, and payment. This chemistry expansion programe known also as „building blocks explorer“ allows customers to experience a one-stop-shop solution with hundreds of thousands of ready-to-ship unique chemical structures available and easily searchable on You can find more information on the attached flyer or contact us for more details.

ACCESS TO ROCHE Products just got EASIER
ACCESS TO ROCHE Products just got EASIER

We offer the Roche portfolio of Biochemical Reagents with its legacy of proven performance that ensures your genomics, proteomics and cellular research is valid from the start.

Further details to read or download in the related flyer.

  • All customer orders are charged 400 CZK (without VAT) Standard Freight Charge.
  • We provide a 50% discount on the Standard Freight Charge for orders placed through our e-shop.
  • A surcharge of 620 CZK (without VAT) is applied to all products delivered on ice.
  • Charges for Process Solutions products are set separately.
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